Self Service User Guide

The following is intended as a comprehensive guide for subscribed members and users navigating My Account, the self-service facility on our web site. This is very much a ‘live document’, as we are learning all the time. Please contact the Membership Secretary should you have any comments or suggestions regarding this document.

Extensively revised in October 2021, this guide now includes additional information from other pages, in an easily navigable document.

For general guidance on using this site, see User Guide to the IOW FHS Website.

Page layouts described relate to a full-page view on a desktop PC. Layouts on other pages will vary and may include a hamburger menu in place of the top menu bar.

Some of the following information has intentionally been replicated elsewhere within our site.



1.0 Join

1.1 Register

1.2 Complete Submitting your Details

1.3 Your Payment Options

1.4 Subscription Rates


2.0 Log In

2.1 Log In > My Account

2.2 Forgotten your Password?

2.3 Log Out


3.0 My Account > Personal Details

3.1 Your name(s)

3.2 Your Email Address

3.3 Your Password

3.4 Your Postal Address

3.5 Your Telephone Number(s)


4.0 My Account > My Membership

4.1 My Account > My Membership [where you have no current Membership]

4.2 My Account > My Membership [where you have an Active Membership]

4.3 Cancelling Your Membership

4.4 View Membership

4.5 Payment Transactions

4.6 Donations

4.7 Abandoned Payment Transactions

4.8 Changing your Membership Type or Payment Method

4.9 Paying in Advance


5.0 My Account > Membership History


6.0 Making Payments to us

6.1 Paying by PayPal

6.2 Paying by Credit or Debit Card

6.3 Paying by Standing Order

6.4 Paying by Internet Banking

6.5 Paying by Cheque

6.6 Paying by Cash

6.7 Recurring PayPal Agreements

6.8 Paying your subscription in advance

6.9 Changing your subscription type or payment method

6.10 Abandoned Payment Transactions

6.11 Donations


7.0 My Account > My Surname Interests

7.1 Add an Entry

7.2 Edit an Entry

7.3 Delete an Entry

7.4 Surname

7.5 County

7.6 Parish(es)

7.7 Century/Centuries

7.8 One Name Study?


8.0 My Account > Ticket Orders

8.1 Ticket Ordering

8.2 Ticket Payment

8.3 Ticket Confirmation


9.0 My Account > Communication Preferences

9.1 Consent to Publish Personal Information

9.2 Consent to Disclose Personal Information to Members


10.0 Help and Troubleshooting

10.1 Forgotten Password

10.2 Legacy Website - this has now been unlinked - please do not use this

10.3 Security Warnings

10.4 Missing Emails

10.5 Downloadable Forms and Documents

10.6 Frequently Asked Questions


[Page last updated 16/5/2023 - removed references to Legacy website]