Family Files

Family Files

This page indexes the various sets of family information which we have received over the years, and which may have appeared in our Journal or on the Legacy website.

There is a combination PDF document which has links to associated documents (mainly PDF, with some external links), plus a number of separate PDF dcouments for longer contributions.

If you have any material you would like to see in this section, please let us know.

Attrill family information compiled by Robin Lewin and recreated partially from the Internet Wayback copies of his original website

Matthews Family of Seaview (presented as web pages, a work in progress)

Flickr albums of Matthews family and friends can be found using these links : (note that the majority of the subjects in these albums are unidentified - if you can identify any, let us know!)

Matthews Carte de Visite album

Matthews Cabinet Photos album

Flickr Album of photographs from the Meguyer family of Sandown

Meguyer family photos

Contents of the Family Files PDF document:

Brett, Ada Harriet.

née Garrett, Ada Harriett.

Burden family.

Burland, Charles Isherwood.

Butt, John and Annie. 

See separate Butt Family PDF document. 

Butt, Sidney and Dorothy. 

See separate Butt Family PDF document

Compton, Violet Halling. 

From the Isle of Wight to Broadway. 

Cullin, Harry Barton and Mary. 

Downer, George and family. 

Field, Albert Ebenezer and Rebecca. 

Gray, Eli Frank and family. 

Green, Harry Frederick. 

Groves Family – one name study. 

Harvey, Alfred James. 

Leahy, John. 

Mew / Meux family.

Miller, Charles. 

Newman, Matthew.

Rolf, Minnie Jane. 

Sirkett family. 

Thwaites and Inglis family