Facebook Group

The IOWFHS has a Facebook group which is open to both subscribing and non-subscribing members of the society. It is always hoped that the latter may decide to become subscribing members.

Visit the group here.

The group is private therefore only members can read what is posted and who is in the group.

Posting an enquiry in the group may result in a quicker response than using the Help Wanted page of the website or (space permitting) an entry in the quarterly journal. The society cannot guarantee the accuracy of any replies you might receive via Facebook.

When you apply to join the group you will be asked the following questions:

Question 1
This question must be answered if you wish to join this group. Why do you want to join? Please note we do not offer help with tracing living persons.

There is space below for your written answer. Please try to be explicit. Ony replying that you were born and/or live on the Isle of Wight is likely to have your request declined.

Question 2
If you are a member of the Isle of Wight Family History Society what is your membership number and what name are you registered under?

There is space below for your written answer. Note your Facebook name might be different to that registered with the society.

Group Rules

You will be asked to confirm that you agree to the group rules which are as follows:

Rule 1: Do not use the facility to invite friends to join

Although Facebook permits it, requests for your friend(s) to be added or invited will be declined. Each person must apply themselves and answer all the questions.

Rule 2: Living Persons

We do not offer advice or help on tracing living people.

Rule 3: Where to get help

Many questions can be answered by going to the IOWFHS website  Some useful documents can be found in the Files section of the group.

Rule 4: When seeking help

When asking for help please try to include as much information as possible.

Rule 5: Replying to a post or comment

When replying to a post or comment tag the person to whom you are replying. Keep to the subject of the original thread; otherwise start a new one.

Rule 6: Confidential or sensative information

Do NOT include information about living persons or private contact information. Send a private message to the other member. Tag them and say that you have done so.

Rule 7: Be polite

Remember that people's knowledge and skills vary what might seem simple to you might not be so to the next person.

Rule 8: Inappropriate posts or comments

Inappropriate posts which are not connected to family history research and those that breach copyright rules, will be deleted. The person who posted will risk being banned. 

Rule 9: Not sure if you should post

Send a private message to Pete Spencer (Administrator). Alternatively send an email with "IOWFHS Facebook Group" in the subject to journal.editor.iowfhs@gmail.com.