New to Family History?

If you are taking your first steps into family history then you’ll be treading along a very well worn path.

A good place to start is the BBC's own family history page (although it is no longer updated):

where the general basics can be learned.

However, to many of us, sitting in front of a computer (even if you have access to one) is not the ideal way to get going; that oft-needed guiding hand is missing – not to mention the personal touch.

Some people can cope with Internet training but even then, before too long, a visit to a Record Office (or other repository of records) is required. Many people find visiting these for the first time a daunting and cold experience – a visit often taken with trepidation.

But, at the Isle of Wight Family History Society, help is at hand!

For the cost of a year’s membership (see Become a Member) you can avail yourself of that guiding hand where the specifics of what you would like to achieve can be discussed with a friendly and experienced family researcher.

Three times a week (Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Saturday morning) at the Heritage Resource Centre in Northwood Cemetery, at least two of our members are available; there’s no need to book – just turn up when you feel like it. If these times are inconvenient, then other times are available by appointment (by contacting the Librarian, Hazel Pullen - Click for e-mail address.

At our Resource Centre you can benefit from a one-on-one session to guide you through those first steps. Everyone’s needs are different so talking them through with someone who 'knows the ropes' is generally the best way forward. Do not be fazed by the prospect – the path you are about to tread has been walked down many times before and our experienced family researchers attend just to help people like you.

Good luck in your family history journey !

Jon Matthews

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