IWFHS Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre, where our research materials were stored, is now CLOSED, until such time as we find alternative premises.

Our research materials are currently stored, and any requests for access to them should be made through the Chairman, Geoff Allan. In September 2015, we started re-cataloguing our holdings. The policy is to concentrate on Isle of Wight material, and a great deal of weeding and removal of obsolete and irrelevant material is taking place. For this reason, we cannot present our catalogue at the moment.


We prefer contact by e-mail in the first instance.

For any Membership enquiries, please contact Membership Secretary

For anything relating to the Website or its content, please contact the Webmaster

For any administrative matters, please contact the Secretary


We closed the Resource Centre to the public on 31 May 2014, and we are in process on identifying options for the retention of our library.