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The transcriptions made so far are available on a searchable database to IWFHS members on the website.

Transcription of Isle of Wight Union workhouse minutes and out-relief payments

Volunteer IWFHS members: John Ash, Antony Barton, Don Hayward, Dave & Mary Hunnybun, Mary Jones, Keith Lacey, Derek Osbourn, Pat Phillips, Hazel Pullen, Mary Seymour, John Sole, Rosemary Stewart and Cynthia Truckell.

After consulting with Richard SMOUT (Isle of Wight Heritage Service Manager) in late 2014, it was decided to transcribe the "Isle of Wight Guardians of Poor Weekly Minutes & Out- Relief Books" and "IW Union List of Paupers" held at the County Record Office in Newport. This will be a mammoth task as the Minute Books start in 1778 and go on to the 1930's.

The Minute Books include records of admittances to, and discharges from, the House of Industry and general 'housekeeping' comments; the earlier books also include weekly records of payments of Out-Relief paid to named individuals in the island parishes. Examples of early entries are:

"That Richard Lale of Calbourn a poor boy in the House be put apprentice to Tanner Johnson of St Cross for 4 years"
"7 April 1792 Jns. CASS W.L.I. Arreton 7s 6d" (i.e. 'Wife's Lying-In')
"... the Pork which is not sent in according to the Contract: Ordered to be returned ..."
Some of the types of payments made were to :

Apprentices, e.g. cordwainer
Service (i.e. domestic service)
Funeral expenses - which could be used to identify deaths
Wife's Lying In - this is also abbreviated in may different ways, e.g. W.L.I., Wife's L.I. and could be used to identify births

These types of payments can be found using the Keyword search on the search screen, but several different variations may need to be tried to get all entries relating to such events.

Note also that the abbreviation 'Dr.' is frequently used to mean 'Daughter', and should not be confused with 'Doctor'.

Minutes relate to admissions ( ... admitted ... ), discharges ( ... discharged ... ) and also illnesses, both physical e.g. 'bad leg', and mental e.g. 'insane'.


At the present time, the Volumes currently being transcribed are :

(CRO Ref)
Date from Date to Transcribed to Transcriber(s) Notes
Z/HO/1 3 Jan 1778 10 Apr 1784 10 Apr 1784
Don Hayward & Rosemary Stewart Note that several pages have been removed from this volume, for July / August 1780
Z/HO/2 17 Apr 1784 24 Mar 1787 24 Mar 1787
Mary Seymour
Z/HO/3 31 Mar 1787 24 Mar 1792 25 Jun 1791 John Ash, later
Mary Seymour
Z/HO/4 31 Mar 1792 25 Mar 1797 25 Mar 1797
Cynthia Truckell, later
Don Hayward & Rosemary Stewart
Z/HO/5 1 Apr 1797 20 Jun 1801 14 Mar 1801 Pat Phillips & Hazel Pullen
Z/HO/6 27 Jun 1801 28 Sep 1805 28 Sep 1805
Dave & Mary Hunnybun
Z/HO/7 5 Oct 1805 22 Dec 1810 22 Dec 1810
Derek Osbourn
Z/HO/8 29 Dec 1810 Apr 1814 6 Feb 1813 John Sole (& the late Keith Lacey)
Z/HO/9 23 Apr 1814 Oct 1816 7 Oct 1815 Wendi Hall, later
Cynthia Sirkett
(& Carrie Hurd, later with Sandra Galletis)
Z/HO/10 2 Nov 1816 Oct 1817 17 May 1817 Dave & Mary Hunnybun
Z/HO/11 27 Dec 1817 Mar 1819 Mar 1819
Don Hayward & Rosemary Stewart *
Z/HO/12 Feb 1819 Mar 1820 Mar 1820
Don Hayward & Rosemary Stewart *
Z/HO/13 Mar 1820 May 1821 May 1821
Derek Osbourn
Z/HO/14 Jun 1821 Nov 1822 Nov 1822
Don Hayward & Rosemary Stewart
Z/HO/15 Nov 1822 Mar 1824
Z/HO/16 Mar 1824 Mar 1825
Z/HO/17 Mar 1825 Mar 1826 11 Mar 1826
Don Hayward and Rosemary Stewart
Z/HO/18 Mar 1826 Feb 1827 10 Feb 1827 Derek Osbourn
Z/HO/19 Mar 1827 May 1828
Z/HO/20 May 1828 Oct 1829 31 Oct 1829
Rosemary Stewart
Z/HO/21 Oct 1829 Oct 1830 16 Oct 1830 Rosemary Stewart
Z/HO/22 Oct 1830 Jul 1831 4 Dec 1830 Derek Osbourn
Z/HO/23 Jul 1831 Feb 1832
Z/HO/24 Mar 1832 Nov 1832
Z/HO/25 Nov 1832 Oct 1833
Z/HO/26 Nov 1833 Oct 1834
Z/HO/27 Oct 1834 Dec 1835
Z/HO/28 Dec 1835 Aug 1836

* These volumes contains weeks where in excess of 400, and sometimes 700, payments were made by the Committee, and in many cases the identity of the recipients is not clear. These individual payments have not been transcribed. It is not not known under what circumstances such a great increase in relief payments was necessitated.

The Lists of Paupers cover a shorter period beginning in 1867, and ending in 1882, and give quarterly (or half yearly) summaries of payments paid to named individuals living in the community. As well as the name of the individuals, they also record where they lived and why they were entitled to payment. These lists cover part of the period when Out Relief was not recorded in the Minute Books. An example of these entries is:

"District: Newport Parish: Carisbrooke 6 months to 27 March 1867 Jane STRAWN - aged 34 - Chapel Street - Deserted by husband - £5 6s 2d "

Volunteers transcribing these records are : Antony Barton, Shani Watts

This set of records has now been fully transcribed, although the periods covered do not include all years within the range 1867 - 1882.

Antony Barton, 18th December 2014 [progress updated to 26 October 2019]