Search the Isle of Wight 1870 Poll Book

These records show those people entitled to vote for the Parliamentary constituency of the Isle of Wight in 1870, and show who they voted for (the vote was not a secret ballot).

The franchise at this time enabled the vote for men over 21, who were ratepayers, or Freemen.

The document has been scanned and is available under the Creative Commons Licence applicable to this work, sourced from the National Library of Scotland - see Poll Book, Isle of Wight, 1870.

Page images of the book are linked from the entries resulting from the search.

The candidates were :

George Moffatt, Esq., and Baillie Cochrane, Esq.

The election was won by Cochrane, who held the seat until 1880, when he was ennobled.

For his Wikipedia entry, see Alexander Baillie-Cochrane

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