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On this page we will offer to display photographs which members have not been able to identify. So if you have any photographs in your family history files that have puzzled you perhaps someone else can help you. They can be of people or places.

Please send them preferably in jpeg format to the Webmaster. A hard copy could be used and returned if necessary Click for email address

Have you had any success with identifying your photographs ? Please let us know what the results were, so we can publish your stories here !

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This wedding group shows Bruce Charles Douglas Norris (Article in Journal number 127, Fatal motor cycle accident); Bruce is at the back and second from the left. I think that this is a Norris family wedding photo around 1930 - it would be good if the other people could have a name put to them - can anyone help ?

David Russell

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[5 July 2018]

DOWNER / COTTON families

I am researching the COTTON family, and came across this photograph of DOWNER family members which mentioned that one of the people pictured was a COTTON.
Can anyone throw any light on who these people are, and if posssibly identify who the COTTON family member is ?

Beulah Digger (née Cotton), Coventry

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[21 September 2017]

Editor's note : we believe this photograph came from another person wanting assistance with it, but I have been unable to trace who originally sent it to us ! - apologies.

I am hoping that someone may be able to provide information regarding the attached photos
The first photo shows two young men in domestic servant livery.
The young man standing is my grandfather Arthur Gulliver PROCTOR (b. 1888 - he used the name George rather than Gulliver). I would like to know with whom these two worked as servants and can anyone identify the young man who is seated. As far as date is concerned I think that this photo was taken between 1910 and 1913.
The second picture shows a family group and I believe that one of the men is Thomas PROCTER, the Grandfather of Arthur Gulliver Proctor.
Can anyone identify any or all of the people in this particular photo; as for the date taken I would think it was around 1870.

Ray Proctor

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[11 Mar 2017]

This set of photos is believed to be of members of the COTTON family, which came from my grandfather's collection, and I would like to know if anybody can identify them.

The following names are the female of the line.

Beulah Digger (née Cotton), Coventry

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[27 Sep 2016]

My grandfather was Philip HOLMES, seen in this photograph. According to my grandmother, he was from the Isle of Wight. However, they were not married and I have been unable to trace him. My mother was born in 1931, so he would probably have been born about 1900. Any assistance in finding details of him would be much appreciated. I have tried all the usual online search sites, and even had DNA tests !

Carol Snape

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[22 Feb 2016]

In taking a family photograph out of its frame, I found this photo. I would be grateful if anyone could identify the club or any of the players.

Jennifer Roberts

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[21 Aug 2015]

I have recently acquired this photograph of a cottage at Sutton Farm, Brighstone. It was the home of several generations of the NEW family. They are first seen in the 1841 census, but seem to have disappeared by 1911, many moving to Freshwater.
I would be very much interested, if anyone recognises the two people in the photograph.

Lee New, Member no 0709

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[15 May 2015]

I have attached a photo of my maternal grandparents' wedding party. The photo was taken in 1918. The groom in the front row in the military uniform is my grandfather Charles Henry MUSGROVE of Toronto, Canada. My grandmother, on his left is Florence May NEWNHAM. I believe the man standing directly behind Charles is my great grandfather George William Henry NEWNHAM and the woman to his left, my great grandmother, Elizabeth Mary BRETT. Unfortunately I do not know who the rest of the people in the wedding party are. If the other members could be identified by those in your community it would be very helpful in my genealogical search. The church they were married was St. Paul, Gatten. There is a sign in the background on the right identifying a Dairy. [*] My grandmother Florence May came to Canada in 1920. The ship manifest identified her place of residence in England as 3 Myrtle Cottage, Landguard road, Shanklin.

Any information your members could forward would be appreciated.

[*] Editor's note : the sign reads 'Upper Hyde Farm Dairy | W. Cole' : this was Walter Cole, b 1862)

Charles Semple, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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[7 April 2015]

scan 38
scan 45
scan 49
scan 48

My sister, Janet Johnson, found some old glass plate negatives behind a water tank in her loft. Amongst them are many of the Isle of Wight, including possibly the attached photographs which we have not yet identified.

The rest of the images are not necessarily on the Isle of Wight. There were also many pictures of the Wharfedale area of Yorkshire and some of Kent.

Any ideas on the locations, people, or the date of the photographs would be much appreciated.

Bill Hartland, Ireland

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[updated 6 April 2015]

 1  2  3  4

Picture 1 - Bettesworth Road School, Haylands, Ryde taken about 1925. My partner's Dad - Raymond GREEN is on back row next to teacher.
Picture 2 - Partlands ARP Parade. Ryde 1941. My partner's Grandad: Ben GREEN is 3rd from right front row. Grandad was warden at Haylands post from the start of the war till his death in 1943.
Picture 3 - Haylands FC - IOW Junior Cup winners 1947-48. We have no names for this, it was amongst photos sent from recently passed away relatives.
Picture 4 - Unknown football team. Maybe works team from Saunders Row in 1940s? On back row far right is partner's uncle, Ben GREEN (junior). Ben worked in the drawing office at Saunders Row and Westland for many years. Otherwise no other names known.
Hopefully someone may be able to identify some of the people in these pictures

Helen has had some responses as follows :

Picture 3 - Back Row 2nd Left: Bill Brading. Goalkeeper: Derek Sloper. Far Right Front Row: possibly Don Dollery.

Picture 4 - 4th Left Back Row: Bill Brading. 3rd Left Front Row: Derek Sloper. Far Left Front Row: possibly Ken Collins.

Both pictures are Haylands FC taken at Pell Lane during the 1940s.

Helen Dolman, member no 3458

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[17 March 2015 updated 26 April 2015]

For some years my brothers and I have tried to establish the identities of the happy couple in these two photos. In the family group photo my grandparents (Frederick TOWNSEND 1889-1962 and Daisy Ida née HISCOCK 1903-1932) are standing on the far left. My grandmother is holding either my father (b July 1924) or possibly my uncle (b February 1927). Does anyone recognise the bride and groom, or any of the guests? Thank you.

Pam Riddet. Member no 3467

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[11 March 2015]

click to enlarge image
The attached group of Isle of Wight Riflemen in training at Watford in 1915 is of interest for several reasons. It shows Rfn Leonard LEDICOTT, the man behind the Sergeant with the gramophone, who survived the War, and from whose family the postcard image was obtained; it is believed to show the three URRY brothers, (Edward George, Frederick Alfred, and William Henry), who were all killed on the 12 Aug 1915 in Gallipoli; (middle row 5th, 6th, and 8th from left), and the photo has been marked with letters indicating the fate of the men shown - K - Killed, W - Wounded, and E - (probably) Enteric Fever.

Lin Watterson of Carisbrooke Castle Museum sent us the image, and we would like to know if anyone can confirm the identities of the URRY brothers, and put names to anyone else in the group.

Geoff Allan (Webmaster)

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[18 Feb 2015]

In searching for information about William George WAKELIN I found the attached photos of a wedding amongst my late Mother's effects. They were taken by a London Studio and were with another picture by the same studio of William George WAKELIN and his wife Jane Elizabeth RICHARDSON. Jane's sister Elsie Emma was my grandmother, and William's sister Ida Emma married one of my grandfather's brother's (Henry Ernest HAYWARD). I wonder if this wedding could be Ida and Henry Ernest - if anyone can cast any light on who these people are I'd love to know.

Many thanks and kind regards
Linda Ford (née Tiltman)

Member No 3250

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[28 October 2014]

Shown is a photo given to me by my uncle; my Great Grandfather was Joseph John FEARNHEAD B: 1858 Isle of Wight who married Emma Elizabeth COTTON my Great Grandmother B: 1856 in Brighstone Isle of Wight.

Can anyone can recognise anyone in this photograph?

John Johnson, New South Wales

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[30 Aug 2014]

I am trying to find out if anyone would recognise the attached photo of young nurses, or be able to identify where the photo was taken. My Aunt, Gwendoline PALMER (b 1910) was known to have done her nursing training on the Isle of Wight, but no other information was had while she was still alive. I have also attached a photo of her in what seems to be similar uniform, looking very young.

Was there a particular hospital which did the training?

Marion Hollingsbee, Member no 1944

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[7 May 2014]

  click image to enlarge

I have come across this photo, which is from my Grandmother's side of the family who resided on the Island. I am not sure who it is but I am guessing it is one of the WRIGHT family - he has the distinguished looks.
What I was wondering is can anyone tell me what the uniform is and maybe a date?

Karen Watts - Queensland, Australia - Member 3330

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[25 March 2014]

  click image to enlarge

The image shows the wedding of Charles CHIVERTON and Ellen Josephine DIMMICK which took place at All Saints Church, Ryde on 20th November 1937.

Does anyone know the names of the man on the left, with gloves, and the bridesmaid on the right ?

Graham Squibb

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[12 March 2014]

352 023 735 751 787

click image to enlarge

I am the son of Eric GUY who was born on the Isle of Wight in 1899. Eric GUY was the son of Robert and Florence GUY. My grandmother's maiden name was Florence GRIFFIN. They were married at Holy Trinity Church in Bembridge in 1892. These pictures were taken by my grandfather. Picture no 333 is a group on the beach - the lady with her head bowed is my grandmother Florence GUY. In picture number 352 the lady on the right is Florence GUY. The child in the picture is Eric GUY, my father, and I think the lady holding my father is his grandmother, Florence's mother.

023 is of my grandfather and my grandmother standing and I am pretty sure the lady sitting is Robert's older sister.
735 3 men and 3 ladies
751 3 men standing, 3 ladies sitting, and 1 gentleman sitting on the grass. (Standing) Second man is Robert Guy my grandfather. The ladies sitting: Left to right : Robert's sister?; Robert's grandmother, I think; Robert's sister. The gentleman sitting on the grass is Robert's younger brother.
787 four men on a wicker lounge. Left to right : Robert's younger brother; ? ; Robert Guy; ? The unknown men may be brothers-in-law.

The reason I'm writing this e mail is to ask for any information about any GUY or GRIFFIN reletives still living on the Isle of Wight who may know of these people. I have a lot of pictures of people of the GUY family and the GRIFFIN family and I was thinking maybe they would be interested in some of these pictures.

Leslie Guy, Canada

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[16 September 2013]

The first photograph is some sort of works(?) outing in a charabanc. Can anyone out there identify who or what, please? All I know is that one of the men is Robert Frank COOKE, 1909-1994, my husband's father. I believe he worked at a brewery at some stage, if that is any help. We think he may be the man at the front, wearing a light-coloured suit and bowler hat, resting his arm on the side of the vehicle.

7 October 2013 : Jill has been advised that this was taken outside the premises of brewers W B Mew, Langton & Co in Newport

The second photograph is a group of cricketers. The ground looks as if it might be in an elevated position. Robert Frank Cooke did play cricket, but we cannot make him out in the photo.
We now know that this is at Whitecroft Hospital. The umpire (standing back row 1st on right) is Alfred Smith, who was a master tailor in Newport. The information comes from his grandson.

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Jill Cooke, Devon. Member no 3239.

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[10th September 2013, updated 1 July 2015]

I would like to know who the families and the bride and groom in this photo are - possibly DIMMICK - and I think the location is the former London Hotel (Well Street / Swanmore Road) in Ryde.

Thank you

Graham Squibb

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[19th August 2013]

Click on the image for a larger version of the photograph

I am researching the NEW family from Sutton Farm, Brighstone.
This photograph was given to me, by a fellow researcher from the SPANNER line some time ago.
The only information I had was that it was Mr and Mrs NEW, and whilst I have Spanner in my line (John married Mary Spanner 1815 Chale), this photograph is obviously much later.

Can anyone throw any light on this couple ?

Lee New

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[18 July 2013]

Click on the image for a larger version of the photograph

The attached photo was originally part of a group picture taken at my grandparents' wedding in 1910. Apart from the happy couple themselves, this is the only face to have been retained. In my late father's photo album this woman is labelled "Great Aunt Nan".

My grandmother's maiden name was Bertha ROBINSON. She was orphaned as a child and then brought up by relatives of her mother, the GOODCHILDs. Initially she lived with her grandparents James & Mary Goodchild in Berkshire. However in 1891/2 they all moved to the Isle of Wight where two of James & Mary's children had coincidentally ended up. Following the death of her grandparents, Bertha appears to have lived with her aunt Martha & husband Ernest HOOPER, a fisherman in Sandown.

However, Martha's brother Thomas Goodchild, a farmer, lived at Scotland Farm, Godshill (1911 census). I believe that "Great Aunt Nan" is thus Thomas' wife Annie, nee Burt.

While the Hoopers had no children of their own that I know of, Thomas & Annie had four. I'm thus hoping that they still have descendants in the area who have old family photographs that would shed light on this side of my family, which has been largely lost to us. I believe that my father, John Lawson, visited his relatives on the Isle of Wight for holidays, perhaps up to 1930, but apart from a couple of coastal scenes he didn't take/keep any photos.

I have a total of three pictures of my grandmother, who died when my father was 6 months old. I have one other picture of Nan, otherwise nothing. It would be wonderful if someone has a copy of the original, unscissored, wedding photo! Ernest the fisherman was a witness to the wedding, so he and Martha should be in there. Presumably also Thomas Goodchild.

Apart from anything else, I look very like my grandmother, so I'd like to find out if she looked like a Goodchild, or took after her father.


Nick Lawson

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[24 June 2013]

[1.] [2.] [3.] [4.] [5.] [6.] [7.] [8.] [9.] [10.] [11.] [12.] [13.]
Click on the images for a larger version of the photograph

I'm hoping Society members might be able to help with the identification of the attached photos which my grandfather Albert Jackson SCOVELL brought to Australia in 1910. I can only presume they were close family.

Evelyn Miller, member no 0575, Queensland.

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[8 March 2013]

Picture [5.] shows Arthur John LOOSEMORE, Baker & Grocer, 62 Pyle St, Newport. He was at this address in 1901.

Evelyn Miller writes in January 2014 :
Photo No 3 is my grandfather Albert Jackson SCOVELL's step brother George Henry SCOVELL.
George was born 6 Oct 1896, Newport Isle of Wight and died of wounds in Palestine 22 Apr 1917.
His army details : Rifleman G.H. SCOVELL 330178 1st/8th Hampshire Regiment. (Isle of Wight Rifles) He is buried at the Kantara War Cemetery in Egypt.

Photo No 6 Back line: My grandfather Albert Jackson SCOVELL, his sister Clara (called Ciss), Australian soldier, not known ?,
Front line: Arthur POINTER and wife (Ivy nee SCOVELL Albert's step sister), Albert's sister Marion (called May) Australian soldier, Albert's step sister either Mabel or Ethel, (Australian soldier is James GRIMMETT Albert's brother in law), Albert's step sister either Mabel or Ethel, Albert's step-mother Ellen SCOVELL. Photo may have been taken before he returned to Australia in 1919.

Click on the images for a larger version of the photograph

Can anyone identify this naval soldier? We think this may be a Sydney SMITH or part of the GOBLE or GUY family. No date or name of person or photographer but Ronald SMITH had this photograph amongst his belongings. Ronald SMITH was born January 30th 1909 in London but grew up on the Isle of Wight in Ryde. He married Eileen Neal in 1935 on the Isle of Wight. He died in 1991.

[The medals are the Egypt Medal 1884-86, and the Khedive's Medal - the 2 were always awarded together - Ed.]

Thank you. Ivy Smith (Ivy MacMahon) member no 2471, in Dartmouth, Mass., (and cousin Margaret Smith)

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[27 February 2013]


Click on the images for a larger version of the photograph

Roger Fry writes :

Please find attached historic photos connected with my mother and father, both born on the Isle of Wight and attended schools at Parkhurst.

Please let me know if you can add any names or more information about these photos.

First photo (1 and 2) is of a group of children, including my father Aubrey Fry. The reverse of the photo gives some identifications which may be of use to someone.

Names include : Rosie Osborne, Lily Fry, D Edwards, Doris Hayter
Hld Winter, R Walshe, Aubrey Fry, G Lester
Fred Edwards
Molly Thompson
Gladys Ivory, Ruby Edwards, Bill Marchment

Photos (3 and 4) attached have been marked as Empire Tea 05.06.1920. My Grandfather Albert Fry is the gent leaning forward. This is puzzling as Empire Day would have been held earlier in the year surely? [Empire Day was 24 May - Ed.] I Don't know why there appears to be a similar event held outside somewhere on the same day. My other Grandmother and uncle are in the outdoor shot.

Photo (5) is of the Isle of Wight Observer Corps taken in 1943. My Grandfather, Albert Fry is 4th from right standing.

Photo (6) appears to be some sort of celebration, perhaps the end of the war in 1918. Location ? - could be Isle of Wight, or to lesser extent depending on which branch of the family - Rochester Kent, maybe Southampton, I have no idea.
[It looks like the dedication of a War memorial, but it certainly isn't on the Island - Ed.]

Photo (7) My mother attended an 'Army School' just before the First World War at or near Parkhurst, Isle of Wight. The photo shows her (Phyllis WILSON) next to the soldier on the right.

Photo (8) from the family archives shows my mother and father viewing a boxing match, with the boxers wearing strange cat masks. I have no idea where. It would have been at about 1925. May have been on the Isle of Wight, or possibly London where they both worked prior to their marriage in 1929.

Photo (9) shows my father Frank Aubrey Fry at school in about 1910. He is third from the right. His brother Cyril is on the extreme left.

Photo (10) is of my Grandfather Albert Fry as a young officer at Parkhurst, complete with sword !

Photo (11) Albert Fry in the 1920's, I guess as Chief Officer

Photo (12) and (13): two photos of the Parkhurst Ladies Rifle Club. My Grandmother Alice Wilson is second from right middle row in the larger group, and front right in the smaller group.

My father was Frank Aubrey FRY b. 1903

Grandfather was Albert Edmund FRY born 26 Jan 1885, who was an officer at Parkhurst and went on to be Chief Officer
Grandmother - Lily FRY (née STEVENS) born 1877

My mother was Phyllis Louise FRY (née WILSON) born 14 Dec 1903

Grandfather - John (Jock) WILSON b. 1872 - Prison Officer
Grandmother - Alice Elizabeth Anne WILSON (née WOOLMER) b. 1872

Roger Fry, Weston-super-Mare

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[26 February 2013]

Click on the images for a larger version of the photographs

These three pictures show :

[1] Broxbourne Villas ... This is Ernest Perkins with his horse drawn cab. Taken July 1924.

[2] Dorothy Perkins and Gordon Scott. Wedding was on 15th July 1917 at St. Paul's Gatten. Dorothy's parents Ernest and Agnes (née Palmer) are also in the photograph. Gordon had returned from France. He had been wounded and was repatriated home [to Australia]. Dorothy followed some 6 months later as a war bride.

[3] I do not know where this photograph was taken but I imagine the High Street in Shanklin. I am happy to have more information. Ernest and his father had a horse rental (?) business attached to a hotel.

Roxane Scott, Member no 3264, Queensland.

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[21 February 2013]

Editor's note : The High Street photo is at the corner with Steephill Road. This is a recent capture from Google Street View of the scene with the former bank on the corner.

Click on the image for a larger version of this photograph

My Great Aunt worked for a photographers in Southsea for a while in the early 1920's, and her photo album contained a mix of photographs of family and famous people.

This photo is inscribed " here we are - then, Harry, 4.1.22 "

Does anyone recognise this young man ?

Ginny Wade, Member no 3132

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[15 Feb 2013]

The photo shows David NEWBERY and family from Pitts Farm, Ningwood. I would like to know more about this family and also whether Pitts Farm still exists.

In the photo are (to the best of my knowledge) (Centre) David NEWBERY; (Left) Elizabeth Charlotte; (Right) one of David's daughters; behind her another of David's daughters, and then my Grandmother (this I am not sure about).

My mother's mother was the daughter of Elizabeth Charlotte Newberry, who was the daughter of David and Rosa Newberry of Pitts Farm, Ningwood. My great-grandmother married William John CONDUIT of Woodford near Salisbury.

They (William and Elizabeth) had Amy Frances (my grandmother), Constance Minnie (my great aunt), and a baby Eva Rose, who died in her first year.

My grandfather was a miller - I wonder how he came to meet my Grandmother and wondered if he had worked on the farm for David Newbery - did David's farm have a mill?

Lots of questions - I thought that there might be someone on the Island who could confirm all the folk in the photo - any help would be much appreciated.

thank you

Shelagh Blackmore

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[11th July 2012, updated 22nd January 2013]

Written on the back of this photo is "Elizabeth Bushell -Centre pale coat"

Other names that may be associated are Sheath.

Can anyone identify the other members of this group, and the place and date ?

Regards :- Kevin West, member no. 3116

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[16 Jan 2013, updated 24 Jan 2013]
Kevin writes on 24 Jan 2013 :

Thanks to a lead from Sue Kriefman I have discovered (thanks to some distinctive stonework and Google Maps) that the original image was reversed.
The one displayed is now the correct way round. The two doorways just visible are those of numbers 6 and 7 Winkle St., Calbourne. We would like help in identifying any other people in the image.

The attached school photo was taken in 1939. This was my mothers' school - Ventnor Senior School - she is 6th from the left at the back. Her name was Stella COLEMAN. I just wonder if anyone recognises anyone else in this picture? Mum died 2 yrs ago this coming March so I expect most of the people in the photo have also passed on but there may be some of the families out there that will recognise other family members in it.


Meryl Allen (Member No 2109)

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[5 January 2013]

Here is a request for help from anyone who has a coachman in their family. The attached photo came from Beatrice Dulcena YOUNG née WHITTINGTON of Newbridge 1890-1987. It shows a group of coachmen with whips and horn. Some have cigars so it was probably a special occasion. There is likely to be a family connection or it may be from the West Wight area. One theory, still uncomfirmed, is that the man far left is Charles Harry MORRIS 1873-1949, coachman to DR WYNDHAM COTTLE 1847 - 1919 of Ningwood Manor. Any help to identify these men would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hilary Higgins, Member no 2873

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[26 November 2012]

Anna Buckett inherited a batch of photos from the WHEELER / WHITTINGTON families which she would like to identify, and if anyone has any claim to them, she is willing to pass them on.

The first pair show a family group, with a vignette of the older woman holding a baby (vignette taken from the first photo).

Anna writes :

I had the photo of the family outside the cottage in Newtown professionally dated to c.1875-80. This ties in with the subjects being Martha Wheeler (nee Keeping) wife of John (Married 1859), with five of her six children. The baby is Ernest Frederick (1878-1964).

The small portrait is likely to be the memorial portrait of Martha who died in 1907.

Anna Buckett, member no 2054, Newport

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[13 November 2012]

This is an image of what I believe is Nettlestone School dated about 1905. My granny is in it and on the back the others are named. It occurred to me that it might be of interest to other members. I would be pleased to have any names and details verified and would be happy to supply original higher resolution jpg to anyone interested.

Names given are :

Miss Pish (Assistant), Alice Petty, Ettie Hayles, Ruth Bartlett, Dorothy Chiverton, Phyllis Bartlett, Phyllis Halsey, Mabel Walker, Viv Chiverton, Miss Brading (Head)

Gerti Barton, Eileen Walker, Elsie Petty, Dorothy Bennet, Olive Lucy, Rose Bennet, Evie Nash, Ronnie Walker

Mabel Creeth

Charlie Petty, Harold Old, Gordon Lucy, John Cheverton (Chick), Wally Creeth, Chick?, Harry Shiner, Gerald Shiner

Kevin West, member no. 3116

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[10th November 2012]

I would like to know who the bride and groom in this photo are - possibly DIMMICK - and I think the church is the Parish Church of All Saints, Ryde.

Thank you

Graham Squibb

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[26th September 2012]

Attached find a photo of an Isle of Wight house. On the back it is written APPLEGARTH. I am wondering if anyone knows its location or anything about it.

The photo was sent to my grandfather Reuben John JEFFREY who was a 'Barnardo Boy' - a homechild sent to Canada under the child immigrant scheme. He arrived at age 9 in 1912 and this photo was probably sent in the 1920s.

Thank you

Susan Glousher, member no 3149

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[11th September 2012]

Would it be possible to identify this photo, I am rather hoping it is Palestine Cottage in Shanklin. If not would any of your members know where that cottage is and might submit a photo of it?

Many thanks in advance

David Moorby

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[11th September 2012]

The attached photo was sent to me by IWFHS member Patrick Hall (3114) who from the age of 3 was raised by one of my mother's brothers and his wife, his own mother, my uncle's sister-in-law having passed away.

It shows Northwood School Infants Class in 1953

From memory Pat has named the people in the photo as follows (errors and omissions excepted).

BACK ROW: James Snaith, David Gibbons, Geoffrey Hurst, Colin Hayward, Nesta Denham, Pamela Earley, Shirley Morris, Diane Morgan, Nora Eckersley, Michael Warwick, John Butchers, William Booth, Clive Edwards.

SECOND ROW: David Parr, John Legg, Adrian Gentle, Martin Hinds, Keith Gear, David Butchers, Derek Scrase, Barry White, Roger Scovell, Malcolm Baird, Colin Broomhead, Patrick Hall, Ian Carter.

THIRD ROW: Sandra Macauley, ? Brazier, Josephine Harris, Pauline Taylor, Avril Crouch, Jean Earley, Miss Butcher (teacher), ?? , Mavis Groundsell, Nicola Shirlaw, Jean Vallender, Christina Laing, Angela Attrill.

SEATED FRONT: Roger Thomas, Ivan Day, David Chessell, Robin Hayter.

Robin Hayter (1947 - 1990) seated on the right was my cousin, my mother's sister's son.

Pat has given permission for the photo to be published.

Peter Spencer (Journal Editor)

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[10th September 2012]

Although most of the people in this photo have been identified, any corrections or additions will be welcomed (Webmaster)

This is a repaired version of the photograph originally provided. It has been sent by John Legg who features in the second row, second from left. Thanks to John for this. Click to enlarge photo [Ed. Aug 2014]

I have several photos of the of Salvation Army; here are two, one is the Ryde band c 1929 - some names are missing - can any one put a name to them?

The other is the Home League c 1936 - they are numbered 1-46 - again, any information would be appreciated.

Editor's note : the numbers on the Home League photo are quite small, so if you click on the image to enlarge it, you should be able to make out the numbers.

Ann Ryder, member no 1838

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[17th July 2012]

These photos feature my father Wally SQUIBB. He is on the right of the group picture. I would like to know who the other people are.

In the other photo, of my uncle Jim SQUIBB, taken at Long Common, Ryde (the old airport buildings are in the background) I would like to know which football team he was playing for, and also what the cup was.

Thanks in advance

Graham Squibb

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[27th June 2012]

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Hilary Higgins of Newbridge Village Archive has sent these 5 photographs for identification :

(1) This lady and her family appears in the album of Beatrice Dulcena YOUNG née WHITTINGTON (1890-1987) of Newbridge. She is probably a friend rather than family, and may have connections to Newbridge or the Methodist Church on the Island.

(2) Two old ladies

(3) L- R Back row Edith Lydia WHITTINGTON nee SHEPPERD b.1874/5 d.1955, wife of George WHITTINGTON of Orchard Farm Newbridge, (?), Florrie WHITTINGTON, Beatrice YOUNG and (?). The girl on the right in front is Freda BAKER, b 1931, mother's maiden name STARK. I would particularly like to know the names of the two ladies in the middle row who may have a Newbridge connection and appear in the second photograph.

(4) Garden group with baby

(5) The wedding photograph is by John Owen of Cowes.

I am happy to share information and photographs with anyone who can help.

Hilary Higgins, Newbridge Village Archive (Member no 2873)

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[15th June 2012]

The youngest boy is almost certainly Walter Charles MITCHELL (1901-1982).

We suspect but would like confirmation or otherwise that the others are his siblings.

Possible Christian names are Thomas Frank, Elsie Maude, Elizabeth May, Alice Mary or Kate Eliza


Kevin West

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[10 June 2012]

I have attached a photo that was given to me to copy by my cousin. The photo, which belonged to my grandparents, has the name 'Mrs Salisbury' on the back so one of the children could belong to her family. Both of my grandparents were born on the Isle Of Wight and I'm sure the boy in the center of the middle row is my granddad Frederick SPRACK who was born in 1886 in Rowridge, Carisbrooke so I wondered if anyone can identify any of the other boys in it to be sure. I thought perhaps it could have been some kind of school outing.

Jenny Taylor, Member no 1952
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[originally submitted 9 June 2008, updated 17 March 2012]

I recently visited my late great Aunt's sister who was kind enough to let me copy some pictures.
The attached picture is from her schooldays when she was on the Isle of Wight, taken in Brading about the late 1920s.

There are three girls to the left of the main group, Mary COUSINS is the 2nd from left. It is possible that her older sister [Mabel] Ruth may have been in the group too though I don't recognise her. Mary is registered blind so cannot help with visual identification. The name of the school is unknown. The COUSINS girls Ivy [1912 - 2008], Ruth [1914 - 2010] and Mary [1919 -] were only on the Island for about three years. They lived in Brading where their father Harry was head gardener at Nunwell Park.
Ivy, incidentally met her future husband Fred LEE [1904 - 1971] on the Island as he was also working at Nunwell Park.

Any further information would be appreciated.

Terry Bridger. member no 322

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[15th March 2012]

I took this photo in Freshwater in about 1966.The group contains my grandfather (Edward Frank BREWER), my father (Raymond Ernest BREWER) and my mother (Cecilia Georgina BREWER). My grandfather was one of 16 children and the older women in the picture are some of his sisters. The rest of the people are my parents' cousins. It is quite possible that some of these people may still be alive. Certainly their children will be. I have no idea of any of their names and would be very pleased to receive any information. In particular, I never met, or have, any information about my grandmother Emily M BREWER.

There is obviously a story here since neither my grandfather, father or any of his brothers and sisters ever mentioned her.

many thanks

Tony Brewer

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[6th March 2012]

I wonder if anyone could possibly identify the attached photo for me. It was taken in Ventnor Isle Of Wight, and I'd like to know the year it was taken, what club the outfits they are wearing represent, and if anyone recognises any of the men.

I'm not at all sure but I think the man standing on the left could be my great granddad William MACKETT who was born in 1873 in Ventnor. The man sitting down nearest the delivery bike, may be his brother Frank MACKETT.

Thank you

Jenny Taylor, Member no 1952

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[5th March 2012]
(editor's note - the name on the delivery tricycle is Ralph White, High St, Ventnor)

Jenny received the following from Fay Brown of Ventnor :

"The Rowing Club was formed at a meeting at the Roller Skating Rink in Hambrough Road in October 1878 under the name St. Boniface Rowing Club. The name was later changed to Ventnor Rowing Club. It apparently declined around the turn of the century (1900) and in 1903 an attempt was made to revive it. This was not successful and a report in an April 1911 local paper reads: "It is to be regretted that a revival of interest in the Rowing Club is not attempted. What was at one time the premier sport in Ventnor has now completely died out. On the Eastern Esplanade there is a boathouse full up with racing galleys and skiffs etc. Which must, if they have not already, become affected with dry rot. Time was when the amateur senior fours galley race was THE event of Ventnor Regatta. All that is needed is the initiative of a good leader, who could get together a racing crew. Given this, and fair prospect of success in practice, the Club would again have its old time support." There was also an article in 1911 about the rivalry between St. Boniface and Undercliff Rowing Clubs, when practically the whole of the town turned out to witness the races between the crews.

The Club was resuscitated and the first annual meeting after its revival was held in March 1912. A May 1921 paper reported that "Ventnor Rowing Club was 'no more.'" Their assets and liabilities were taken over by the Byng Sports and Rowing Club."

These three photos show (1) Harry COLEMAN as a policeman on duty; (2) Masters the Bakers' shop at 16 High Street, Sandown; (3) the School Report of William COLEMAN from 1902.

Harry Coleman was my great-grandfather, who was a Sergeant in Ryde and later Sandown. The photograph shows him on duty. I am presuming it is Sandown? Outside a big hotel? Obviously a special occasion with 'top brass' arriving in the carriage. Could anyone shed any light on this image?

The other two images are really just out of interest. My father's name was Harry ROSE and his mother, who worked in the bakery as a girl, was Amelia COLEMAN (born 1890). Her brother was William COLEMAN (born 1888) and it is his school report I have attached.

Sharon Morris

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[5th March 2012]

I am attaching a photo that may be of interest for your photo gallery. It shows a class at Newport Secondary School 1913-14. The boy first in from the left in the middle row, standing slightly at an angle, is my father Archibald LEARMOUTH (1898-1960). The girl sitting second in from the left in the front row, next to the teacher, is his cousin Marian WEEKS (1898-1991). I don't know the names of any of the others - any suggestions ?

Ivan Learmouth, Swindon (Member 1560)

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[25th February 2012]

I have attached two photos that I would like you to put in your photo section please.

The first is one of my Father, Rex WADE (on the left of the photo) with the hair; he lived in Shanklin as a boy, but not sure what school he attended, any suggestions would be welcome. (*)

The second is a group photo taken with my Grandmother Olive in the back row, third from the left, with necklace. I am sure it was taken in the IOW but not sure where or when, any information would be gratefully received. Her correct name was Marjorie Sybille WATTS, but she was called Olive, not sure why. Dad was born 1921, so this photo I think is 1918 - 1920. She never married my Dad's Dad but took the name Wade.

In another photo (not shown) the figure on the top of the large trophy appears to be holding a tennis racket, so this could be a tennis club group.

Many thanks in advance, Ginny Wade

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[8th February 2012]

(*) Geoff Allan adds : The school badge is that of Ryde School, but the location of the photograph is unknown

The wedding of Joseph READ (1891-1957) and Winifred May WHITEWOOD (1894-1971) from Isle of Wight took place in Nuneaton, Warwickshire in 1920. I recognise about a third of the people as my relatives but I think that Winifred's parents, at least, would have come over from the Isle of Wight, maybe on the far right of back row.

It would be great to identify some more of the people.

Sue Carlton, Suffolk.

Peter Spencer adds :

Winifred WHITEWOOD (the bride in the attached photo) was my second cousin twice removed or to put it another way my maternal grandmother's second cousin.
The groom (Sue's uncle) Joseph READ was wounded during in WW1 and was treated in a hospital on the Island where Winifred was a nurse. He was obviously impressed with her care.
Winifred May WHITEWOOD, the daughter of James WHITEWOOD and Mary FRY was born 1894 in Shanklin and died 1971 in Nuneaton.
Joseph READ was born 1891 in Nuneaton and died there in 1957.
Would you be kind enough to put the photo on the Photo Identification page please, you can use my name as the point of contact and I will forward any replies on to Sue

Sue Carlton may be contacted via our Journal Editor, Peter Spencer :

Email: Click for email address

[10th January 2012]

I would like these people identified if possible :

The lady is possibly Mary Maud MITCHELL nee PRIOR (1861-1921). The image was taken by Mathews & Son, St John's Rd Ryde and simply has "Granny" written on the back.

The gentleman is possibly Ernest Frank BROWN (1874-1920). (*) but see below

On the back is printed "From the photographic studio of (xxxx illegible)

Both lived on the Island. Any confirmations or otherwise would be very welcome.

Kevin West

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[2 December 2011]

(*) Kevin West writes on the 19 December 2011 :

I have had a response from a relative of E F BROWN who I thought might be our mystery gentleman.

They assure me it is not him but as usual with these postings they foster good connections.

They have sent me a wonderful image of EFB and his family, so a great and unexpected outcome.

However I probably need to widen the potential surnames attached to him.


This photograph was discovered in an old wallet belonging to my Grandfather.

As far as I know, he only had 'two' women in his life in 1908....his Mother and a Sister and I know it is not of his Mother.

I am trying to confirm that it is of his sister Rose Freda BALDWIN, who died on 15th July 1908 - she was almost 15 years old.

My question, to any fashion expert is :- Does the outfit that she is wearing fit in with what was being worn in 1908 ?

Barry Sowerby, Member No 2625

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[23rd November 2011]

Would any of your members be able to identify either of these photos? I have an idea the first one could be of Eliza ANN TUCK nee STAINER/CORBYN b1860 - can anyone confirm?

The second photo is the wedding of ARTHUR WALLACE GUSTAR b1910 and EDITH PHOEBE CURTIS - the wedding was 12th August 1933. I believe this photo is mostly the groom's side. The three ladies on the left in the back row are the groom's sisters: the first QUEENIE; 2nd not sure; 3rd RITA. The elderly gentleman standing next to the groom could possibly be the father of either the bride or groom; the 2 men behind unknown; then WINIFRED & FREDERICK GUSTAR; the couple on the end of the back row unknown. The young bridesmaid is the bride's niece JOYCE GUSTAR; bridesmaid on the right unknown; next to her the groom's mother CAROLINE JESSIE GUSTAR nee TUCK; bridesmaid on the left is the groom's sister EVA GUSTAR; another sister sitting on the end. The lady standing between these two looks like the lady in the first photo. I assume the children are nieces and nephews of the groom apart from RAYMOND, the youngest brother, sitting in front of the bride.

Many thanks, Yvonne Coleman, Member 3077

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[2nd November 2011]

This photograph is of staff at Fountain Garage, Carvel Lane, Cowes.

I'm unsure of the year, but my guess is late 20s/early 30s.

Back row, left to right are


Front row


Two of the 'unknowns' are believed to be brothers with the Surname of COLLINS

Any help in identifying these people would be much appreciated :-

Barry Sowerby, Member No 2625

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[17th October 2011]

I came across these rather poor photos of my mother and nan visiting Dye relations in the IOW roughly around 1928.

Would you mind posting this picture up to see if anyone can locate this picnic place - possibly Prince's Green Cowes ?

Many thanks in advance

David Moorby

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[29th September 2011]

This photograph came from my distant relatives in Western Australia. Their ancestor is Robert BOYNES-BUTLER born in Ryde 1900 who emigrated to Australia in 1923. They believed the photo was of his brother, my grandfather, George BOYNES-BUTLER who served in the Royal Navy from 1911. However, this photograph seems to be of an airman, maybe the Royal Flying Corps. The connection might be with HMS Vindictive, one of the first aircraft carriers, that George served on in Russia in 1919. Any clues gratefully received.

Ian Butler, Member No 2583

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[22nd September 2011]

The attached photographs were taken by my great grandfather Frederick Champion HAYES, probably during the late 1800's or early 1900's.

I have always understood that the millpond may have been at Shide. Can any IWFHS member confirm this please? If it isn't Shide, where is it? Do any of the buildings still exist?

The other photographs were possibly taken in the Whippingham area. Again, can any member identify their location, please?

With thanks,

Alan Dinnis
Macclesfield, Cheshire
Member 1350

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[21st September 2011]

"Peter and Wendy" pictured in the mid-late 1940's at a residence thought to be on the north side of the island.

My father-in-law and his sister (Dennis and Kathy GREEN) visited their Uncle Ollie (Oliver COTTON) and Aunt Polly (Elizabeth COTTON nee GREEN) and met their "cousins" Peter and Wendy. It's possible that Peter and Wendy were also summer visitors at Ollie and Polly's house.
We have a good overview of the family but haven't found a Peter and/or Wendy you recognise them, do you know a Peter (born around 1935?) with a younger sister Wendy? Do you recognise the style of house?
Likely surnames for "cousins" are......GREEN, COTTON, CURTIS, TURNER, WILLMOTT and SMITH, with FLETCHER as a long shot.
Many thanks for looking and we really hope someone out there can solve our mystery photo.

Bob and Penny Latham, members no 2649

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[6th September 2011]

This photo is of George and Ethel SQUIBB. I would like to know if anyone recognises the two children.

Ethel (nee STEPHENS) was born 27th Nov 1893 at Brading and died 29th Sep 1976.

George SQUIBB was born 31 Aug 1886 at Aldermoor Ryde and died 17 Jul 1960

They were married 07 Mar 1931 - the picture was taken outside their house in St. Helens

Thanks in advance

Graham Squibb

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[12th July 2011]

Attached is a photo of a house, possibly in Ryde, that I am hoping someone may be able to identify.

The photo was amongst the possessions brought to New Zealand in 1884 by my great-great-great aunt Lucy MANSEL (1831-1916). The 1881 census records her living at Springvale House, Springvale in Ryde with three nephews and I wonder whether the grand house in the photo is located in Ryde. Lucy had also lived in Alverstoke, Hampshire for many years, so it is possible that the house was located there.

Unfortunately, nothing is written on the reverse of the mounted photo. I would like to hear from anyone who can identify the house.

Many thanks

Dean Crowley, New Zealand

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[4th July 2011]

I have found this photograph in one of my mother's letters. The author writes "The chapel may be the "Vicar Ives White chapel in West Cowes."

On the back of the photograph is written Photographers & Miniature Painters Brown V Wheeler West Cowes Publishers of Isle of Wight Views.

Could anyone identify this for certain.

Thank you.

Ivy Smith MacMahon

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[20th June 2011]

I wonder if any members can help me identify the woman sitting with the three girls. All I know is she is their grandmother and my great great grandmother. She is either Jane Elizabeth CASS (nee JACOBS) or Mary Jane TASKER (nee PENISTON). The three girls from left to right are Edith, Lily and Violet CASS. Their father was Alfred Thomas CASS, who owned a pork butcher shop in Ryde at 122 High Street during the late 1800's and early 1900's. His wife, Ann Elizabeth CASS (nee TASKER) died around the time of this photo.

Many thanks

Jan Myers, Canada

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[15th June 2011]

This mystery lady appears in a photograph from about 1850, and I believe it is from the Isle of Wight. I have an idea of who it might be, but would like to hear from anybody who recognises her.

Thanks in advance

Doug Adams, Member no 1629

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[16th May 2011]

The attached photo came from the album of my great-grandmother Isabella CHESSELL(b.1855). It was taken in Malta and he looks like a member of the Chessell family. I wonder if the RMLI corporal is George Henry CHESSELL, Isabella's older brother (b. 1845). He is the only member of the family I have not traced (I have not found him after 1861 when he was a ship's boy aged 16) but he does not appear in the RMLI online records. If the photo was taken in the 1870s it would all seem to fit together but any comments would be welcome.


Colin Morey (member 1801)

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[Editor's note : this looks like a regular Army uniform, rather than RMLI]

[10th May 2011]

I wondered if any of your members could help my sister-in-law who has asked me to research her family on her behalf.

Photo 1 - we think is a school photo. Second row from top, 4th girl in from right is Alice Maud SUTTON, born c 1881 in Freshwater, address School Green, Freshwater. These young girls, varying in age, look well presented and we wondered what school it could have been. Could it have been a school for privileged girls?

Photo 2- This is Victoria Alice DAVIS, born April 1913, address Union Street, Newport. She is my sister-in-law's mother. The two boys are believed to be two of five boys in the family, the middle one being Alfred Thomas DAVIS but we can't identify the boy on the left.

Photo 3 - is again Alice Maud SUTTON. Would anyone know on what occasion this photo could have been taken? She looks very young, maybe younger than 21. Did young ladies have their photographs taken on their 16th birthday?

The family believe that there is a statue outside of Freshwater of a Lord Brook(e) but we have been unable to find any evidence of this. Alice was a domestic servant and on her birth certificate there is no father's name.

Iris Tunstall

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[9th May 2011]

This is the passport photograph of HENRY and ROSE ELLEN MORRIS when they emigrated to New York dated 14/6/1891.

This would be about 3 years after they were married. Henry's sister Agnes. E. Morris also went to New York and lived with them at

239th St. New York Bronx area, up to the 1930 New York census. Till they retired Henry was a Coachman, Rose was a Cook and so was Agnes.

They made 3 known trips to and back from the Island in 1904, 1907 and 1921. They were retired on this last trip.

Hopefully someone will recocognise them as being in their family line also.

If you do, please contact me.

April Clark nee Morris.

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[31st March 2011]

I have this photo in my archives, it is of Cowes Conservative Club. However, it looks nothing like the modern day club - has anyone any information as to where it was and what happened to it? I would love to know if anyone recognises the men.
Was it bombed during the war and rebuilt?

Thank you.

Margaret Moores, member no 2676

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[23rd February 2011]

Janet Griffin has identified this as the East Cowes Conservative Club building, which still stands today in Clarence Road, East Cowes, and which is still used as a Conservative Club. The building has seen some modifications and is now painted all white. Janet cannot identify any of the men depicted. [Note added 28th February 2011]

Please could you add this photo to your site for possible identification.
There is a possible link to MITCHELL or SHEATH on the Isle of Wight, but this is speculative.

On the back is written:

Sylvie age 11 years and 2 months. Taken Sept 29th 1928
Ruby age 7 years and 3 months

Regards, Kevin West

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[17th January 2011]

Update on 30 November 2011 :

Kevin West writes :

The image that was added to your website for identification has been matched to its subject. The two girls are SAVAGEs of Ryde. I am delighted to say that I have been able to return it to a relative who is researching their tree.

I would like to know if anyone can identify where this picture of my parents, Wally and Hilda Squibb, was taken.

Can anyone help ?

Graham Squibb

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[28th December 2010]

Firstly, apologies to the owner of this photograph. It was loaned to one of our committee members some time ago with a request to have it printed in the Journal, but unfortunately we do not know to whom it belongs.

If the owner recognises it, please contact me to have it returned.

It is a post card with the inscription Apprentices F.Club 1916-17, and the ball shows that the team was from J S White's. If anyone can identify any of the people featured, please let us know.

Geoff Allan

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[2nd December 2010]

A propos the photo of J S White's Apprentices football team in 1916-17 the goalkeeper standing at the back in the light-coloured jersey may be my father Archibald Learmouth (1892-1960). He played earlier for Newport County Secondary School and was definitely an apprentice at JSW in 1916-17. I can't be sure as I don't have a family photo of him around 1916-17 but it appears a good likeness.

Kind regards.

Ivan Learmouth, 26 January 2011

I attach a photograph taken outside my great grandfather Fred Whittington's Gent's Outfitters, at 110 High Street, Ryde. Can any of your members please tell me when this was taken, and what it shows? It says Thursday September 3rd, but not what year. (There was a Thursday September 3rd in 1914... but also in 1903 and 1908.) Frederick WHITTINGTON is definitely the chap in the waistcoat and white sleeves standing arms akimbo outside the main window of the shop. The young man in the doorway may be his only son, also Fred Whittington, in which case the two young women on the pavement could be two of his three daughters, my grandmother Ena (18 in 1914) and her middle sister, Dolly.

Is this an Isle of Wight regiment marching to war?

Jay Sivell (Ms)

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[18th November 2010]

I have a Photo of my Great Auntie's Wedding and there are people in the picture that I would like to identify. Can anyone help??

Wedding of Alfred Charles KEELING & Mildred Maud BUTLER 26th September 1921. Took place at St John's Church, Sandown. Ref COE25.1/259

Front Row from left to right:-

Lillian (Lily) Annie TUTTON (b1901 Portsmouth - Bride's Cousin), Mildred (Millie) Maud BUTLER (b1901 Norwich - Bride), Miranda BUTLER (Nee Baxter b1872 Norwich - Bride's Mother), Charles Edward BUTLER - Boy sitting (b1915 Sandown - Bride's youngest brother), Frank Herbert BUTLER - Boy standing (b1908 Sandown - Bride's brother), Lady with White Hat - Unknown.

Second Row from left to right:-

Man with half a face and moustache - Unknown, Alfred Charles KEELING (b1896 Ashmansworth, Hampshire- Groom), Leonard Thomas KEELING (b1891 Highclere, Hampshire - Groom's Brother), Hilda May BUTLER (b1905 Sandown - Bride's Sister), Frank Edward BUTLER (b1877 Sandown - Bride's Father)

Back Row from left to right:-

Smiling Boy - Unknown, Smiling Lady - Unknown, Lady with Baby - Unknown, Baby - Unknown, Tall Lady with Hat - Unknown, Boy far right is thought to be Aubrey William Baxter (b1907 Norwich - Bride's Cousin)

I would appreciate any help.

Simon West

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[16th November 2010]

These are photos which could come from the Isle of Wight. They will be from either the STICKLAND family or the STAINER family.
They were all sent to an Edward Stickland who went to Australia in 1878, so we're not sure if they were of his own family or his wife's. Edward's brother Henry farmed in Thorley and Arreton for his adult life, though he was born in Puddletown, Dorset.

Much appreciated if you are able to include them. A descendant of Edward in Australia is writing a book on the family, and it would be great to include names for these unknowns.

Betty Campbell, New Zealand

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[15th February 2010]

Attached is a photograph, which may have been taken in Shanklin, and includes my Grandfather William Hookey. It may be of interest to your members because it is quite a large group, possibly "British Legion" members, (many have a badge of some sort) who although not identified, might be recognised by members of their families. The original copy is in the form of a postcard, but no other details are available.
Pat King
(Born on the Island, living in Cornwall)

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[15th February 2010]

The attached photograph was among a collection I acquired from the Collypriest family and I am sure it is one of his as it appears next to a family photograph at Buddle Inn. I can not be absolutely sure that it is an Island view but again as it is in a strip that has an Island view next to it - it is highly likely to be Island. It looks like - to me - a Newport town view - but there were hardly any of Newport in the collection. Are you able to help?

Peter Lake

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[19th September 2010]

The wedding of my Grandparents Hugh Graham LIPSCOMBE and Ethel May ROWLES. This took place in Portsmouth in 1917. The Lipscombes lived in Havenstreet.

The only other people I know are:

Front row second left Ethel's sister Kitty ROWLES;
Second row, left Mary Ann LIPSCOMBE (nee LEAL) Hugh's Mother;
Second row, second left Hilda STROUD (nee LIPSCOMBE) Hugh's sister;
Third row, left Harry STROUD - Hilda's husband.
Third row centre, Eric LIPSCOMBE - Hugh's nephew
Third row right, Hugh's brother, not sure whether its Harry or George.

Does anyone recognise any of the other people ?

Jenny Osborne

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[12th August 2010]

The attached unidentified photographs were found amongst some left by my late mother. I think that they were taken at the home of her grandparents at Landguard in the Isle of Wight, Charles and Caroline SHEATH. All are printed on postcards by Wickenden & Co of Ventnor and one has Xmas 1923 written on the back. I think that the boy on the horse may be Vernon WEST and the couple his parents.

Bill Turnbull, member no 2890

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[26th February 2010]

(1) (2) (3)

These 3 photographs come from my grandmother's effects - she was Blanche Emily Moores nee Fielder.

(1) This photo is of a Reggie Groves thought to be an Island man as I have GROVES in my family tree but as yet cannot find Reggie in it. Does anyone recognise or know of him?

Margaret Moores writes on 21st August 2010 :

Thought you might like to know I've found out how Reggie Groves fits into my tree. Having done further research I have found Reggie to have been a distant relative of my husband's grandmother, Blanche Emily Fielder. (Blanche's uncle Charles's brother (Reuben John Groves's) son). I don't know what that makes him!

Reginald Harry Groves was the son of Reuben John Groves and Harriett Emily Gregory. He was born in Cowes in 1891 and died in Gallipoli on 12 August 1915. On the War Graves website it states his name is on the War Memorial at Helles in Turkey. (See Helles Memorial Panel 126)

I'd like to thank everyone that helped me in finding out more about him. A successful outcome. If anyone out there has a connection to him too I'd love to know.

Margaret Moores writes on 21st October 2011 :

Having done further extensive research into "REGGIE GROVES" first posted 19 Feb 2010 and updated 26 Aug 2010. I have found that I was on the wrong track.


The connection to IOW is through his aunt MATILDA MARGARET GROVES and WILLIAM EDWARD GROVES,(both Island people)(REGGIE'S aunt and uncle) with whom he resided in London.

Reggie was single, and a journalist before the WW1. He enlisted in the ROYAL FLYING CORPS as a "BALLOON HAND"; he was then compulsorily transferred to 10th Bat. Sherwood Foresters Notts and Derby Regiment. He died on 23 March 1918 and was buried at ARRAS FRANCE.

So the Reggie on the Helles Memorial is another ancestor as mentioned before and NOT the one in the picture!

(2) Does anyone recognise this couple entitled Kate Stubbs and hubby? Underneath it says Mr. Hoadley but I'm not sure that it has anything to do with the couple.

(3) Is this PERCY MOORE WHITE? Does anyone recognise him, if you do please get in touch.

Margaret Moores, member no 2676

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[19th February 2010, updated 26th August 2010 and 23rd October 2011]

We have received a batch of postcards depicting Army personnel, mainly from the Isle of Wight Rifles and the Machine Gun Corps in the Great War. They came from a Member who has recently died, and I would like to try to identify the men depicted.

For more details see IW Rifles photographs

Geoff Allan

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[7 January 2009]

I have two more wedding photos with unidentified people,

Photo No 1,taken about c.1908, the couple No 5 & 6 look like they are in photo No 2. 1918, ZENILLY wedding 1 & 2.

I hope that someone may be able to identify some of them.


Please send any answers to Ann Ryder, IWFHS Member 1838 Email: Click for email address

[7 September 2008]

I am attaching this photograph (right hand image) in the hope that someone may be able to confirm the identity. I think it may be:-
In 1901 census he was a Police Constable
In 1906 Police Inspector at Cowes
Do you think this uniform is too posh for that, I do think the badge on the side of the tunic looks like a police one.
There is also some record in Kellys Directory 1898

Sheila Clews, Member No. 1910
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[22 July 2008]

The attached photograph is a picture found at my Wife's family home of Knight's Farm, Wootton. Alfred WHEELER married Frances May MORRIS, and we believe the picture is of either the Wheelers or Morrises. We are in favour of the Morrises. Can anyone help us to identify the family?

Tony King, Member No. 2467
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[10 July 2008]

This photo was taken in Alexandra Gardens, Ventnor. I believe the lady in the long dress to be my Grandmother CARRIE FARROW and the young boy in the white shirt beside her to be my father CHARLES ARTHUR HERBERT FARROW. Carrie ran a boarding house at number 4 Alexandra Gardens from approximately 1927 to 1942. I think the photo was taken some when in the early 1930's. I would be very grateful for any information about the photo i.e. date and/or occasion. Any information about Carrie and Charles FARROW would be appreciated as well.
Also does anyone know the year that Alexandra Gardens were built, I know that an Emily Sheath ran a boarding house at number 4 in 1886?

Jackie Long, Member No.1272
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[23 June 2008]

The picture comes from the personal album of my aunt DORIS LILIAN MACKENZIE (b. Scotland 1904 d. London 1948) who came to the Isle of Wight aged 8 in 1912. She is seen seated fourth from the left and looks 12-13 yrs old, which dates the picture to during the First World War. At the time she was living in Carisbrooke, so the Troop is likely to be Newport/Carisbrooke based and the location on the Island.

I would like to establish the identity of the Girl Guide Troop and if anyone else can spot their relatives in it.

Alan Mackenzie, Member no 2026
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[10 May 2008]

This picture is of my grandmother Rose Louisa ODELL (nee KING) she was born on the Island 01/01/1900 at 20 Merton Terrace, Newport. She is shown here with a man in military uniform, It is possible that it is her brother Frederick KING who was killed in action overseas in 1917, but I am not certain. I wondered if anyone out there would have any ideas not only on the identity of the man but where Merton Terrace would have been.

Andrew Wood, Member no 1897
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[21 April 2008]

Can anyone identify this young man? He looks to be a crew member on the URSULINE (vessel Reg No 21686) which was built in 1858 by Inman's of Lymington for Lord Londesbrough. In 1869 owned by H Villebois by 1899 the yacht was sold to a foreigner. His jumper has the initials of the ROYAL VICTORIA YACHT CLUB on the front of it. The photo was found amongst family photos of the GREGORY family of Ryde. We have looked at the available crew lists and didn't recognise any names. Any help greatly appreciated

please send replies to

Sue Lawrence, IWFHS Member 1734

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[21 April 2008]

Can anyone help to identify this family or give me any information about them. They may have moved to Australia. I only know they are part of my father's family, the GOBLE's of Nelson St. Ryde, descendants of Nicholas Bagwell SMITH. Another associated family is the GUY family. Thank you.

Please send any replies to

Ivy MacMahon, IWFHS Member 2471

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Another mystery group has come to light when researching the White family tree. Nothing is known about this photograph except that the photographer has embossed his name in the bottom right corner. I believe it reads "G. & H. Ancell" and then, underneath, "Sandown". If anyone has any ideas, I will be delighted to hear from them. Thank you.

Please send any replies to

Gwynn White, IWFHS Member 2444

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This is a picture of a winner's medal relating to one of my ancestors.
On the obverse are three letters L. G. C. On the reverse is inscribed : First Prize. Presented to G. White 1914.
I have no idea what this was awarded for and I am hoping that somebody may have seen a similar LGC medal before.

Please send any replies to

Gwynn White, IWFHS Member 2444

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This small Pewter? Cream jug has the mark "J K & Co 1" on the bottom. It is three and a half inches tall. All I know is that it belonged to my great grandfather, Fredrick COOPER born 24.11.1865, Ryde IOW. My mother said that "He won it in a race". She didn't know what kind of race. I don't think he owned a bicycle and I doubt he would have time for swimming or rowing, so it was probably a running race.

I have seen two other jugs like this, One was owned by a lady who told me her brother won it in a race!, ( she lived in Wiltshire) no other info, and the other one, which my next door neighbour has, belonged to her aunt but she knows nothing about it. Can anyone help?

Please send any answers to

Ann Ryder, IWFHS Member 1838

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Where is this picture now?
This is a photograph that my Grandfather may have taken. On it he has written "Benjamin Redstone about 1817". It looks as if it is of a painting and I would like to know if the painting is still in existence.

Sherrill Burrows (IWFHS Member 1391).

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Who are these people?
The photo is of some bakers from St Helens. My Great Uncle Jack HENLEY is in the middle of the front row. His brother Ted may be one of the men, but I'd love to find out who the others were. Jack was born around 1877, and I think this was taken around 1900 to 1910. Jack married Agnes CAWS in 1909.

This photo is one of a fairly large collection that my mother kept in a carrier bag. I have safely scanned them all now. Unfortunately, she can no longer remember who the people are. A timely reminder to all of us, to write the details on the back of family photos, not just names, but dates too.

Sally-Ann Garrett IWFHS Member 1420

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This photograph was taken over 100 years ago in 1907, probably at Sandown. Similar pictures in the series show my great-grandparents George and Maude THOMSON (formerly THEARLE) with their young children but there a number of other people in the pictures that I can't identify. This little group intrigues me. If anyone can help with their identification, or if they recognise the typical turn of the centuary building I'd be very grateful. The picture would have been taken on a family holiday, the THEARLE family having close IoW links.

Sarah Russell IWFHS Member 1883

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Mystery Man
I have been told that this photograph is of an Uncle of my Gt Grandfather George Robert COLEMAN. Now his father, (also called George), had a number of brothers and his mother Sarah (nee MARCH) had one brother so am wondering just who this man is. I wonder if there is anyone out there that in any way recognises this person. I am almost sure he is a COLEMAN but quite happy to be proved wrong.

Meryl Allen Mem. 2109

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Unidentified Wedding
All I know about this photograph is that it came from Elizabeth Fanny Matilda RYDER (nee WHITE) born 21.11.1886 at Carisbrooke IOW. Her parents were Charles John WHITE & Fanny BARNET of Cowes; grandparents were John WHITE & Ellen Fanny BLOW of Cowes and Henry John BARNET & Maria Elizabeth BLAKER of Cowes. Her husband was Walter RYDER who was born 1882 and lived South Warnborough, Alton; he was in the army. His parents were Walter RYDER & Eliza Rose who lived in South Warnborough, Alton). Elizabeth & Walter married 30.9.1907 at St James Parish church East Cowes - at the time she was working for the vicar.

Other Island names connected with Elizabeth Fanny Matilda RYDER's siblings were SQUIB, JONES, BRITTEN and ZANNILLY.

If any one knows anyone or can identify where it was taken I shall be delighted to hear from them. Thank you

Ann RYDER Mem. 1838

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This photograph was found amongst my great-aunt's possessions, along with photographs of her nieces and nephews, but who this handsome young man is, is a mystery. Can anyone help identify him - perhaps the background tapestry might be familiar. Please send any answers to

Ginny Wade, Mem. 3132

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These photographs have been sent by Jill Wright. She found them amongst her mother's collection of photographs, but she has no idea who they are. According to the words on the back the photos were taken at Knight's Arcade studio, Ryde around 1880 or even slightly earlier. Jill's mother was a TUFFNELL, daughter of Ralph Montague TUFFNELL (born in Ryde 9 March 1882), parents James Frederick TUFFNELL and Emily Jane BULLOCK. Can anyone identify the people in them? Please send any replies to

Jill Wright(IWFHS Member 2270)

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My mother found this photograph in a box when she cleared out a cupboard in my great-aunt's flat. My great-aunt is Frances MASON (nee YOUNG), no one in the family can identify any of the people in the photograph. In that branch of the family we have the names YOUNG/CASS/SWEATMAN
Please send any replies to

Chris Farnsworth Mem.1558

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I should like to know if the houses are Lowtherville Cottages, Lowtherville Rd, Ventnor and if anyone recognises the people as GRANTS. Photo taken around 1930.

Any further information would be welcomed. My maternal grandmother was Annie Grant who lived at Lowtherville Cottages.

Carroll Gifford
Member no. 2762 Email: Click for email address

[28th April 2009]
Carroll writes on 25th January 2010 :

Seems the photos are most likely MILLIGANS who lived at Newport Rd and not GRANTS of Lowtherville according to my newly found 2nd cousin who is 81. At least it has solved the mystery of the photos. Maybe you can change the wording to ask if any MILLIGANS remember Edie and Harry BOLTON, my parents (c 1930s) especially relations of Joe or Daisy who were friends of my parents. Daisy was their bridesmaid in London. These must have been whom we were taken to see as children, I remember an "Aunt " Kate who was bedridden. She fell over a cliff picking flowers as a child. Still no trace of Annie Grant marrying George Phillips though. Perhaps that is why she moved to London?

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11

The illustrated series of postcards depict a collection that was bought on the mainland and sent to me in the hope that someone will recognise them. If you do, and you can demonstrate a relationship, we would be happy to reunite them with relatives. Some were taken in the studios of Debenhams of Cowes (nos 3 and 5), or Hesketh of Cowes (no 2), or Landers of Shanklin (no 4). The cards have no identification except for the girl in the white habit (no 2). It is inscribed "With best wishes from Vida" and two have dates - 1 Dec 1914 (no 6) and 1918 (no 4).

Note : Frank Hesketh was active as a photographer from at least 1901 to 1915 and probably later. He died in 1933.
'Vida' is Vida Mabel Board, b 1910 in Cowes. She died in 2008 aged 97. We have been contacted by her daughter regarding this photo, but there is still no further information on the others. [Ed.]

Angela McMurtry
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[22nd January 2010 updated 30th January 2015]

The attached photo has on the back

"To my dear sister Cissie with love & best wishes From Flo"

This was taken July 20 1919 at the AINAR STUDIO Burwood road Upper Hawthorn Victoria Australia

Please could you put this on the site, in the hope that somebody will recognise the lady in the photo

Dereka Gadney
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[18th January 2010]

This is a postcard of the J S White's Apprentices Football Club in 1916-17. Can you identify any of the young men depicted? The card was provided to us at a meeting some time ago and we would like to return it to the owner. If you gave this card to Dina Broughton at that meeting, please contact us so that we can return it to you !

Geoff Allan
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[10th December 2009]

The man in this picture was R JARVIS, who appears to be in the uniform of the Royal Flying Corps, circa 1918. The photo was taken in Debenhams, Cowes. Does anyone have any connection to this man in the postcard found in my husband's grandmother's possessions - she was BLANCHE EMILY MOORES (nee FIELDER).

If any one knows of him or his family please let me know.

Margaret Moores
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[9th December 2009]

I have some photographs from my Gran's collection - Dorothy KELLY born Dorothy ATTRILL in 1915 in Cowes.

The first is a family grouping of (I think) the ATTRILL family. I think the couple in the centre - the bearded man and the lady to his right - are James ATTRILL born 1834 in Northwood, and his wife Jane LEGG. Jane died in 1919 and James in 1921 so I suspect this picture was taken some time during the war or perhaps earlier. The man in the top left may be George Peter ATTRILL born 1876, my Great Grandfather, although he looks a little older than his late thirties. I am very unsure who the others are - possibly siblings of James Attrill - as some of them do look quite old but this is pure guesswork.

The final three pictures are related I think. The second is another grouping (a Christening of a girl?), again related to, or of, the ATTRILLs. I think the lady in the back row 3rd from the left is Emma LOWE born 1876, my great grandmother, who married George Peter ATTRILL. The couple in the centre of the 2nd photo are also shown in the 3rd photograph with a little boy. This one is dated December 1924. My Gran kept very few pictures and I suspect this couple were close to her, possibly relatives. Is the final picture of the two children of this couple ? This photo says 'Michael age 5 years 8 months and Christine 2 years 6 months' - I assume siblings.

I would appreciate it if you could post these online in the vain hope someone can identify them !

Nick Kelly
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[25th November 2009]

The images show Oakfield, Beech Lane, Wootton Common (2 pictures)
Oakfield house belonged to Sir Edgar Chatfeild-Clarke and his family.
The crest over the door and the Signet family ring are from the same family.
Can anybody tell me anything about the Crest? We are not sure where it came from?

Pernille Clarke
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[1st September 2009]

Here is another Smith photograph. I do not know the year of the photo but the name on the back is Norman Smith. The photograph was taken by Hugh B. Nichols, 118A High Street, Ryde, IOW. Can anyone date the photo or does anyone know of Norman Smith? Thanks in advance ...

Ivy Smith MacMahon
Member no. 2471 Email: Click for email address

[23rd July 2009]

This postcard photo shows a group, possibly a church outing. The man sitting on the left, front row is Horatio MOORE who was a sidesman at St Mary's Church in Cowes for many years before he died in 1920. Sitting to his right, wearing white blouses and long skirts, are two of his nieces, Hetty and Milly MOORE. Another niece Annie is there but I'm not sure where. Daughter-in-law Lydia is probably the lady top right wearing white blouse and white patterned hat.

If anyone recognises any of the other people in the picture or can suggest the occasion I shall be very pleased to hear. I think the date might be prior to WW1 but again will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

Eve Ward
Member no. 2155 Email: Click for email address

[23rd July 2009]

Eve writes in May 2011 : It is a good thing to leave the pictures on the website for a couple of years as I received identity help for this one of mine.

In a message from Susan Cockram:
The church outing group is prior to the first world war I think. The bearded man on the right with a white hat in his hand is my grandfather, Charles James RICHARDSON [died 1922] who was Churchwarden at St. Mary's Church. I believe the spectacled lady, next-but-one to him is his daughter, Norah RICHARDSON, born in 1891, my aunt.

This photo is from the MOORE family collection and I would appreciate any help identifying the man, his cap and likely date of the picture. I had thought him possibly to be Thomas MOORE born 1861 in Cowes but I was told recently that the photo is likely to date about 1860, so I now have to consider the previous generation instead. I don't recognise him in any other family photos and there is no information on the back of the picture.

Eve Ward
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[21st July 2009]

Eve writes in May 2011 :

I had a message from Jon Tayler who sent me more photos taken in the same studio (he recognised the floor pattern !), and the studio was that of Joseph WELCH in Landport, Portsmouth. Joseph Welch (later Joseph Wlch & Sons) was active as a photographer in the area between about 1881 - 1923 : they had premises in Lake Road and Commercial Road, Portsmouh.

No 1 Navy Postcard - could somebody identify these men? - possibly a Smith among them.

No 2 Emily and George at home - George Henry Smith and Emily Elizabeth nee Price near window - can anyone identify anyone else in photo and where the house was ? I think it is between 1907-1911.

No 3 Salisbury 1902 - I think there is a Smith in the photo - can anyone identify these soldiers?.

No 4 M.C. Smith and Son Shop - can anyone identify who owned the shop and its location?.

No 5 Emily and George Smith - My grandparents George Henry Smith and Emily Elizabeth nee Price - can anyone identify the building?

No 6 William and Ann Price - William and Ann Price nee Squibb my Great Grandparents - they were married 1871 I.O.W.

Kath Ross (Australia)
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[21st May 2009]

I should like to know if the houses are Lowtherville Cottages, Lowtherville Rd, Ventnor and if anyone recognises the people as GRANTS. Photo taken around 1930.

Any further information would be welcomed. My maternal grandmother was Annie Grant who lived at Lowtherville Cottages.

Carroll Gifford
Member no. 2762 Email: Click for email address

[28th April 2009] Carroll writes on 25th January 2010 :

Seems the photos are most likely MILLIGANS who lived at Newport Rd and not GRANTS of Lowtherville according to my newly found 2nd cousin who is 81. At least it has solved the mystery of the photos. Maybe you can change the wording to ask if any MILLIGANS remember Edie and Harry BOLTON, my parents (c 1930s) especially relations of Joe or Daisy who were friends of my parents. Daisy was their bridesmaid in London. These must have been whom we were taken to see as children, I remember an "Aunt " Kate who was bedridden. She fell over a cliff picking flowers as a child. Still no trace of Annie Grant marrying George Phillips though. Perhaps that is why she moved to London?

This photo shows a group of people, (possibly on the Isle of Wight)*, in the 1920s. Included among them (just to the right of the taller stone) is John Whittingham (1879 - 1956) who married twice to Island women - firstly to Grace Rosa Bull (1881 - 1912) of Wroxall at Holy Trinity, Ryde in 1903, and secondly, to Agnes Mabel Jackman (1879 - 1933) of Freshwater in 1912 (registered in Alverstoke, Hants). He later remarried for the third time, in 1934.

Any further information would be welcomed. Agnes Mabel Jackman is my maternal grandmother.

Bob Dicks
(Australia) Email: Click for email address

[18th April 2009]
* Editor's note : the standing stones don't appear to be on the Island - has anyone any information on the location?

This photo was found amongst others from a MOORES/FIELDER album but nobody knows who he is or what the medals are. He seems to be holding a flower in his hand and something in his buttonhole which I can't identify. Does anyone have any idea, is it a war medal or could it be something to do with Conservative Club or Buffaloes ?

Margaret Moores
IWFHS Member 2676 Email: Click for email address

[5th March 2009]
Editor's note : these are not war medals - more likely to be from a Friendly Society like the Ancient Order of Buffaloes or the Ancient Order of Foresters

This postcard is captioned "Some of the Chale Recruits" and was posted on 24 September 1914 (just a few weeks after the start of the Great War).
It was posted to PC Ralph WHILLIER at Cowes Police Station, and was sent by his sister Daisy. It mentions "Walt" who is being sent to Portsmouth the following week (presumably en route to the Army training camp.)
Four members of the Whillier family served in the Great War; fortunately they all returned. They are named on the Rolls of Honour at Chale School and at St Andrew's Church in Chale.
PC Ralph Whillier enlisted in the Coldstream Guards in 1915, and was discharged in 1919. He married in 1916 (Marjory Robertson Gray Smith) and lived until 1984.

If anyone can identify any of the recruits in the picture, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Feb 2018 : The person on the far right of the photo has been confirmed as Francis Morgan Russell. He was killed on the 10th August 1917. Thanks to Peter Russell for the identification

Geoff Allan
IWFHS Member 0392 Email: Click for email address

[26th February 2009]

Has anyone any information on 20 Squadron, 3rd Battalion Hampshire Regiment, Gosport?
This photo was taken in 1918, and includes my husband's grandfather who was Frank Robinson Moores, born in I.O.W. and lived for a time in East Cowes. I would like to know the regiment's movements during the 1st W.W. or anything about them. Thank you.

Please send any answers to Margaret Moores
IWFHS Member 2676 Email: Click for email address

[12 January 2009]

I found this photo amongst old papers and photos that belonged to my grandparents (English & Scottish).

Not sure what the uniform is (it is not military and I am told it's not railway). Maybe someone will throw some light on it.

They did have a nephew named Harry Hearl (from Swindon WILTS) who was a radio officer on merchant/passenger ships in the early 1930's. However, I have a slightly older photo of Harry and I do not see a resemblance.

Family names being researched are: Baskett & Coppinger (Isle of Wight), Briggs (Hampshire & Kent), Carver (Hampshire) & Baker (Kent).

Ann Spiro, Perth, Western Australia, IOW Member: 1551 Click for email address

[8 January 2009]

This photograph from about 1881 is believed to be of :-
James Henry Arthur Wilson (1856-1906), his wife Lucy Jane Cooper (1858-1950 and who is buried on the IOW) & Lucy's sister (back of photo) - Alice Ann Davey Cooper (1863-1938). According to the 1891 census, Lucy's sister Alice lived with James & Lucy at the Seaview Hotel. James was a licensed victualler.
Also in the photo are 3 children from James & Lucy (they had 7 children in total according to my records), 1 of which is a girl, which has to be Alice May Wilson (1885-1959), and the 2 boys I think must be Henry Montague (1881-1939) and James Frederick (1881-1922).
I would like to get confirmation that the photo is of this family, which relates to my wife's ancestry.

Please send any answers to Bobby Nillson
Email: Click for email address

[7 January 2009]

This page from a family album shows a group of girls captioned "The Poppies" and also a picture of a lady called Mrs Jarvis who is standing on the left of the picture with my husband's grandmother, Blanche Emily Moores nee Fielder.
I know they were the licensed victuallers of the Crown Inn in Bridge Square, Cowes, for a number of years. Grandfather, Frank Robinson Moores seems to have been very active, being a member of St Mary's Church, teaching Sunday school and was a founder member of Cowes Amateur and Dramatic Society and played football for Cowes and Portsmouth, also a cricketer and a member of The Royal Antediluvan Order of Buffaloes. Any information about the "Poppies" or Mrs Jarvis would be welcomed.

Please send any answers to Margaret Moores
IWFHS Member 2676 Email: Click for email address

[7 January 2009]

Can anyone identify the people and location for this large group? It appears to be either the owners and staff of a very large house, or perhaps a hotel. It appears to have been taken in the 1920's and is believed to be somewhere on the Island.

Please send any answers to Margaret Moores
IWFHS Member 2676 Email: Click for email address

[7 January 2009]

This is a picture of my greatgrandfather William Jones, who lived in Cowes. I wonder if anyone could recognise the badge on his shoulder - the photo was taken about 1882 /1883

Please send any answers to Sue Hanmore
Email: Click for email address

[3 January 2009]

These two pictures came to light when researching the White family tree and I believe that the same lady features in both photos. It is either the same lady or two very look-alike sisters. I do not believe that the lady is a White, but she would fit in to the puzzle nicely if she was of the Hawkins family. I know nothing. I am guessing, and probably not very well. The second picture appears to be a four or even five generations picture.
Please send any answers to Gwynn White, IWFHS Member 2444 Email: Click for email address

Do you recognise anyone in these groups?
(1) I think is a Salvation Army women's & children outing. The only ones I know are: front row sitting, far right Elizabeth Taylor nee Cooper, who lived at Colenuts Rd, Haylands, & third from right sitting, Florence LACEY nee HIGGINS, who lived at Cross St, Elmfield, Ryde.
(2) St Johns Sunday School,1907. This post card was posted on 15 May 1907, to Miss A Higgins, 30a George St, St Clements, it read "Dear Annie is this anything like your Sunday class, my brother is on the left of the top row, love to all Ethel" (Annie was her sister- in -law) This is possibly, Douglas Frank HERBERT, born in 1894 making him 13 at the time of the post card. Ethel HERBERT married Harry HIGGINS; she lived at Oak villas, Upper Oak Hill, Ryde, opposite the Parish Hall.
The boy standing next to him looks like one of the LACEYs who lived near the HERBERTs. Later Joseph LACEY married Harry HIGGINS' sister Florence.
Please send any answers to Ann Ryder, IWFHS Member 1838 Email: Click for email address

These photographs belonged to my grandmother Lilian May Pragnell (nee Pocock) and the photograph of the gentleman was just labelled "Uncle William".
The photograph of the couple standing outside their house was labelled "Uncle & Auntie with Jimmy the dog" all I can see is the name "Villa" above the doorway, but have no idea who the couple are, or where it was taken. I would be very grateful if anyone can help me identify them.
Please send any answers to Linda Scott, IWFHS Member 2009 Email: Click for email address


The four photographs here are part of a collection of around 38 photographs owned by Sheila Clews. They are from the family of JOHN BIGNELL married to ROSA TEWKESBURY. None of the photographs have been named. Sheila would love to hear from anyone who shares her interest in any of the connected families and would like to see more of these Victorian photographs. The names connected with this family are:- BIGNELL, TEWKESBURY, ROGERS, COOPER, TARRANT, RIDGELY, TURTLE, JAMES, ARNOLD, WARNE possibly BEAVIS
Please send any answers to Sheila Clews, Member 1910 Email: Click for email address

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