Photo Gallery : Isle of Wight - Ventnor - Ashdown collection

This series of photographs was provided by Mark Ashdown. Mark writes :

My Great Grandmother, Charlotte Ashdown (née Durham) moved to Ventnor in the early 1880's shortly after her husband, John Ashdown, died, and bought Eversley House, Steephill, Ventnor. I believe she later moved to 1-2 Spring Gardens, Ventnor towards the end of the century. Her sister, Catherine Frances Smallwood, lived at no. 3 and one of her nieces, Lucy Elizabeth Markham (née Ashdown) lived with her family at No. 6), Charlotte died in Pershore, Worcs in 1918. I believe that the woman leaning against the Gazebo (which I understand still exists) is my Great Aunt, Frances Ethel Ashdown. I often wonder if the little boy sitting on the ground in the large hat is my grandfather, Arthur Durham Ashdown.

If any one knows more, I should be delighted to hear it. (Contact Mark via this link Mark Ashdown)

Eversley House is now a Hotel - see Eversley Hotel

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Eversley House, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, in 1881.

Eversley House gazebo.

Garden at Eversley House.

Interior of Holy Trinity Church, Ventnor, Dec 1894.

Old Church, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, in 1881.

St Lawrence Road, Ventnor, from Eversley House.

Ventnor, in 1882.

Ventnor, about 1882.

Ventnor looking west.

Ventnor Park from the east.

West View from Eversley House, 1881.