New to Family History ?

Committee Member John Matthews writes :

If you are taking your first steps into family history then you’ll be treading along a very well worn path.

A good place to start is the BBC’s own family history page:

where the general basics can be learned.

However, to many of us, sitting in front of a computer (even if you have access to one) is not the ideal way to get going; that oft-needed guiding hand is missing – not to mention the personal touch.

Some people can cope with Internet training but even then, before too long, a visit to a Record Office (or other repository of records) is required. Many people find visiting these for the first time a daunting and cold experience – a visit often taken with trepidation.

But, at the Isle of Wight Family History Society, help is at hand!

For the cost of a year’s membership (see Become a Member) you can avail yourself of that guiding hand where the specifics of what you would like to achieve can be discussed with a friendly and experienced family researcher.

Good luck in your family history journey !

Jon Matthews