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21 Apr 2018IWFHS Website changesWe have added an Article explaining the use of DNA in family history research, and assessing whether the population of the Isle of Wight has a distinct DNA Profile. This has been prepared for us by Member Dr. Steve Stotesbury.Dr Steve StotesburyDNA in family history
19 Apr 2018IWFHS AGM 2018 We have published the motions proposed for discussion at the AGM on 12 May 2018, together with 2 sets of comments made by Members on these proposed motions. Available to Members only with appropriate password.Geoff Allan - ChairmanIWFHS AGM 2018 Motions
07 Mar 2018IWFHS Website changesWe have added to the website, a set of data from Records of people apprenticed out from the House of Industry. Requires members' password.Geoff Allan - WebmasterHouse of Industry Apprentices Search page

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