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July 2017 SECTION UNDER REVIEW This section is under review as it has not been updated for over a year.           
20 August 2015 Committee Membership At our Planning and Strategy meeting, we co-opted Steve Palmer as a Committee Member with the responsibility of Research Coordinator.

He can be contacted using this link to show his e-mail address :

Research Coordinator
July 2015 Wills Transcriptions Member Anne Vinnicombe has kindly allowed us to have copies of transcriptions of a number of Wills made by Island men and women from the 18th and 18th Centuries.

They are available to search in our Members' Only Area - see Members' Only Area
July 2015 LL postcards There are many examples on this website of postcards published by the French company who used the imprint 'LL'. I have been under the misapprehension that this stood for 'Louis Levy' but I have been reliably informed that the company was actually, in one of its incarnations, 'Léon & Lévy' and that for many years the postcard collectors' community has attributed the 'LL' designation to 'Louis Levy' on flawed evidence.
For the time being I will leave the Louis Levy designation on the website (there are 146 instances of it) but will eventually modify it to a more accurate description.
- Geoff Allan, and thanks to Antony Barton for bringing this to my attention.
July 2015 Closure of The Parish Chest The Parish Chest, which is to be closed to new transactions on 10 Aug 2015, was used to pay subscriptions by most of our Overseas and European members (who typically do not have sterling bank accounts) and many of our UK members.
The Committee had anticipated this closure and has already set up an account with PayPal - so we will be able to continue giving members, and prospective members, an online payment option.
However, for the time being, this will be limited to subscriptions and donations. Please note that when using PayPal for subscriptions, PayPal generates an annual recurring payment (equivalent to a Banker's Standing Order); please bear this in mind. This recurring payment can be cancelled at any time.
Given the extremely low take-up of our 'shop' (books, CDs, DVD, etc), we are considering whether it is viable to continue this; a decision will be made within the next 3 months and notified in the November journal.
You can access the PayPal facility at:
Become a Member
February 2015 Journal distribution problems This quarter we experimented with paper journals being sent normal mail (see page 6 of the February 2015 journal at: Journal 116) in paper envelopes.
We are getting reports that some of these have arrived with ripped envelopes and unstapled journal pages. We believe this is because the Royal Mail automatic sorting systems are too aggressive for the lightweight envelopes we used (though a test mailing did not alert us to this problem).
We will revert to plastic envelopes and journals stapled (as in the past) for the May journal.
Meanwhile if any member wishes to receive the February 2015 journal in the 'old' format, so as to maintain a library of journals, please email requesting same.
January 2015 AGM Proposals and nominations for committee Subscriptions for 12 month's membership shall be due annually on 1st January each year at the rates determined by the Executive Committee, subject to approval at a General Meeting.
The proposed change is that the words, subject to approval at a General Meeting, should be deleted. The amended clause would read:
Subscriptions for 12 month’s membership shall be due annually on 1st January each year at the rates determined by the Executive Committee.
This will be put to the vote at the AGM. Members who wish to vote by proxy can do so by contacting the Secretary.

26 Jan 2015 : Notice of AGM : Committee Nominations :

The following Members have indicated that they will stand for re-election :
Geoff Allan
Di Hayter
Hazel Pullen
Jon Matthews
Peter Spencer
Sharon Beddard
Tony Elgar
Wendi Hall (co-opted in 2014)
The present Treasurer, Malcolm Tait, will stand down at this AGM.
Any other nominations can be made using the form in the Feb 2015 Journal.

28 November 2014 IWFHS The Di Harding Award The Di Harding Award prize winners for 2014 have been announced - full details may be found on the Di Harding Award page. Many thanks to the Judges (the previous year's winners), and to the Adjudicator, Pete Spencer. Congratulations to this year's Winners - 1st Mrs Biddy Shephard, 2nd Mr Louis Lehmann, and 3rd Mr Fred Atkey.           
28 November 2014 IWRO Burial Cards Transcription Project - Phase 2 Antony Barton and the team of volunteers have now completed all the burial cards in this project, which represents the transcription of the index cards for 1858 - 1900. Members can check out the searchable database at IWRO Burial Cards Index

Many thanks to Antony and all the volunteers involved, and to the Record Office staff for their support.
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August 2013 House of Industry information now online The NHS Healing Arts organisation on the Isle of Wight have made available records of Burials at the Workhouse Burial Ground. Records are incomplete but can be found in the Press Release at Isle of Wight Workhouse Burial Ground Memorial           
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July 2014 Contents under review We are reviewing what we can present in this area
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July 2014 Contents under review We are reviewing what we can present in this area
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