Pedigree Index

A list of the Pedigrees or Family Trees was originally compiled by Don Hayward (with his late wife Wendy) on behalf of the Isle of Wight Family History Society.

The Pedigree Index was last updated in December 2017. 38 new tree names have been added between June 2015 and December 2017, there are now 589 tree names and 1742 actual trees. The index now has just over 518,000 entries.

If you wish to enquire if your ancestor is in the Index please include their full name, date of birth, place of birth, wife and children that you know of. We have dozens of William and Mary "Bloggs" but these details will narrow it down to match yours - with luck.

NOTHING will be sent unless you agree that what has been found is relevant to you and you are prepared to pay the costs. Nominal charges are made per A4 sheet photocopied plus postage. Please note there are far more surnames within a tree than the tree name would suggest, due to marriages.

The management of the Pedigree Index was transferred to Carol Furze, in 2016.

Please contact Carol Furze, the keeper of the Pedigree Index, by email in the first instance Click for email address

New names added in 2015 are shown in Bold:

The full list is :

Abbott Cooper Halsted Maybe Rolf/e
Abraham Coppinger Hannam McDine Rose
Abrook Corbin Hansen Mead Royle
Adams Corbyn Harding Meads Russell
Airs/Eyres Cork Hardy Meader Ryall
Alford Corke Harley Meager Salter
Allee Corney Harris Merrifield Sanders
Allemande Corr Harvey Merwood Saunders
Allen Cotton Hatcher Mew Scott
Andrews Coward Hawkins Midlane Scovell
Ansell Cox Hayden Miles Searle
Arnold Creeth Hayles Miller Sergeant
Arrowsmith Crew/e Hayter Millmore Settle
Ash Cribb Hayward Minter Sexton
Atkey Crook Heal Mitchell Sheath
Attrill Croucher Hearn Mole Shepard
Ayrton Dabell Heath Moody Sheppard
Babbidge Dallimore Hemming Moore Shergold
Bagwell Damp Hendy Moorman Shirley
Baker Daniel Heney Morey Shotter
Baldwin Dash/Daish Henton Morgan Sibbeck
Ballard Dashwood Hess Morris Sibbick
Bannister Davis Hillier Mosdell Simmonds
Barham Davison Hills Mosely Sims
Barkham Dawson Hills Moses Sivell
Barnes Day Hillyer Mundell Sivier
Barnett Dear Hiscock Mundy Sleaman
Barry Den Toom Hobbs Munford Small
Bartlett Denham Hogg Munt Smart
Barton Dennes Holbrook Mursell Smith
Barwicke Denness Holdway Newbury Smythers
Bascombe Dennett Hollis Newhook Snelling
Baskett Denton Holloway Newnham Snow
Bastiani Dibble Holmes Niblett Snudden
Baxter Dilly Holt Nicholls Souter
Bay Dimmick Holton Nobbs Souter-Suter
Beale Donaldson Honeybourne Noise Southcott
Beauchamp Donnellan Hookey Norris Spanner
Beavis Dore Horlock Oates Sparshott
Bebell Dove Horsey Oatley Spencer
Bennett Dowling Hoskins Odell Sprack
Bevis Downer Houneyboun Oglander Spragg
Biddlecombe Drake Hounsell Old Sprake
Biles Draper Humber Olsen St. John
Bilk Drayton Hunnybun Orchard Stallard
Birch Driver Hunt Osborn Stamp
Bishop Drudge Hurst Osman Stark
Blake Duffett Hutt Osmond Stephens
Blandford Duke Huxford Page Symes
Blee Dunford Iles Paice Symmans
Blow Dunkinson Ings Parfitt Symonds
Blunden Dunn/e Isaacs Paul Tansom
Bourner Dunning Jackman Payne Taylor
Bowles Dyer Jackson Peach Tee
Bown Earley Jacobs Peach/Winter Tennyson
Boxall Edmonds James Pearce Terry
Boyce Edmunds Jeffrey Peddar Tharle
Brading Edwards Jenkins Pelham Thomas
Bret(t) Eldridge Jenno Perfect Thompson
Bridle Elger Jerome Perkins Thring
Brigstocke Elliott Jerram Perkis Tolman
Brimson Elms Joblin Perress Toogood
Brind Evans Johnson Petty Tosdevin
Brinton Evemy Jolliffe Phillips Trickett
Brodie Everingham Jones Pike Trim
Brook Exton Jordan Pilkington Tuffin
Brown/Browne Eyers Josling Pinhorn Tussler
Buck Fallick Jupe Pink Tyler
Buckett Farley Kearley Piper Underwood
Buckler Farrow Kearney Pitman Upward
Budden Feben Keat(e) Pitt Urry
Bull Fleming Kellaway Pittis Van Cuylenberg
Bullock Flux Kelleway Please Vanner
Bulpitt Ford Kelloway Plucknett Verinder
Bundy Forehead Kemp Plumbley Vine
Burden Fox Kerr Plumridge Wade
Burnett Frampton Kimber Plyer Wadham
Burrows Francis King(e) Poland Walker
Burton Frankin Kingswell Poore Waller
Bushell French Knight Pope Ward
Butcher Frost Knocker Porter Warder
Butler Fry Lacey Pragnell Warman
Butt Fryer Lane Prangnell Waterman
Callaway Fuller Langdon Pressey Wavell
Cant Galley Langley Price Way
Cantelo Gapes Langtry Pringle Wearn
Carben Gardiner Launder Pritchett Weeks
Carley Gatrell Leal/Lale Punch Wells
Carpenter Gatrill Learmouth Purkis Wescomb
Cassell Gawn Legg(e) Purnell West
Cause Geddes Leggett Purvis Westmere
Cave Gentle Leigh Quinton Wetherick
Cawse/Caws Gibbons Leonard Racket Wheeler
Chambers Gibson Leppard Rackett Wheway
Cheek Gillingham Lewin Rann Whillier
Chessell Glasbey Linington Rashley White
Cheverton Godden List Ratsey Whitticombe
Chick Good Lock Rayner Whittington
Childs Goodall Lockhart Read Wickens
Chipp Goodenough Lockyer Reader Wight
Chiverton Gosden Loe Redman Williams
Churchill Granger Long Redstone Willier
Civil Grant Lorve Reed Willis
Clarke Gray Love Reeve/s Wills
Coffin Greenham Low(e) Renouf Windover
Cogger Greening Luter Rhodes Winscom
Cole Gregory MacAlister Richards Woodford
Coleman Griffin Mackett Richardson Woodmore
Colenut Groundsell Main Rickman Woodnutt
Collens Groves Mann Riddett Woods
Collings Gubbins Mansbridge Rider Woods
Collyer Gustar(d) March Riley Worthington
Colson Gustard Marsh Ringer Wright
Conway Gutteridge Marshfield Roach Yeats
Cook Guy Martin Roberton Yelf
Cool Hale Marvin Roberts Young
Cooley Hallett Matthews Robinson
Coombes Halliday May Rogers