Vice-President : Chris Braund

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Although I have no Isle of Wight ancestors, my great great grandfather, William Pengelly, is buried at Northwood Cemetery. He had sailed to Dodnor and then was walking back to the ship after a few beers in Cowes. He had been on the train but overshot his stop and decided to walk back along the railway line from Newport when he fell through the viaduct.

Until Janet Few looked a little too hard, all my direct ancestors came from within 15 miles of where I now live. I now have to admit to one that comes from over the border in south-east Cornwall. I worked on the Isle of Wight for 34 years, during which time I spent 12 years as Chairman of the Isle of Wight Family History Society. Whilst I was Chairman, we hosted the Cherry Stones 5 day conference, which is still talked about in family history circles and we acquired our Research Centre. I was present at the second meeting of IOWFHS and my membership number is 19; it would have been lower but I was just too slow to put my hand in my pocket!

I have been conducting a one-name study of the surname Braund for 35 years - see The Braund Society for details. I am the North Devon representative for the Guild of One Name Studies. I 'retired' back to my roots in North Devon in 2006. All my working life I have also fished commercially. Like 6 of the 7 generations before me, I now fish the waters of Bideford Bay. I have come out of retirement to join our former President, Janet, living in the seventeenth century at Swords and Spindles, where I am the barber surgeon to the desperate. I am involved in recording the oral history in the village of Clovelly. I also give talks and conduct tours round my ancestral villages.