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Although Census returns in England were initiated in 1801, and taken every 10 years thereafter, few survive since once the statistics had been extracted, the original enumerators' returns were destroyed. The first complete Census returns to survive date from 1841.

The 1821 Census for Ryde is a rare survival, and a copy is held by the Isle of Wight County Record Office. As you will see, information is limited to head of household and the number of males and females within the household, which can include family members, servants, boarders, lodgers and visitors. The enumerator felt able to add further notes about the household; particularly to identify how useful the members of the household were to the state.

Originally transcribed by I.L. Williams, this is a copy of his transcription made available online with the permission of the Record Office. Thanks to the late Don Hayward for this new transcription. Any discrepancies are of our making.

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