Northwood and Gurnard War Memorials

The Northwood and Gurnard War Memorials were placed in six local churches following the end of the First World War.

Six identical plaques were commissioned, naming 48 men from the Parishes of Northwood and Gurnard, who died in the service of their country.

The current location of two of the plaques is unknown; one is thought to be in the British Legion Club in Cowes, but this has not been confirmed and it is not clear in which church it was originally sited.
Date unveiled Original location Status Current location of plaque
23 Jan 1921 Primitive Methodist Church, Mark's Corner Closed Calbourne Mill Museum
23 Jan 1921 Wesleyan Church, Pallance Road Closed 1998 unknown
30 Jan 1921 Primitive Methodist Church, Gurnard Demolished 2008 In care of Cowes Heritage Society
6 Feb 1921 Wesleyan Church, Horsebridge Hill (Noke Common) Closed 1995 unknown
13 Feb 1921 All Saints' Church, Gurnard in situ
20 Feb 1921 St John's Church, Northwood in situ


August 2017 : Recreated the functionality of the Northwood and Gurnard War Memorial Project.

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